Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The Catholic Knight published an article that's worth giving a look entitled "Why Catholics Can No longer Be Democrats". He's right. The question is, beyond the scope of how our decisions affect our personal salvation, whether it really matters anymore.

I think that it's beyond any question that the Democrat party is evil. The causes it champions, such as abortion, eugenics, same sex marriage and Marxism are intrinsically evil and cannot ever be construed as a good.

But will voting for the Republicans make a difference? The Republicans support, often to a lesser extent, but support none the less, just about everything the Democrats stand for. Voting for a smaller evil is still voting for evil. The Republicans are in some ways even worse than the Democrats because the Democrats are at least honest about their intent.

I hear so many on the radio and in conversation that are so very excited by the prospect of the Republicans gaining control of the House and possibly even the Senate this fall. Why? It won't make any difference at all. Collapse is coming, along with war in the Middle East and social unrest here at home. The stage is set and the die is cast. It will take an act of God himself to avoid what's coming our way.

Returning this country to anything remotely close to the country the Founders envisioned will take years and we don't have the time. We'll be fortunate if we have even months left to us. We've pushed off the inevitable by printing money and using the government and what's left of our good name and power to hold back the day of reckoning but all of it is about exhausted and we are going to be forced to confront the cost of our profligacy head on. It doesn't matter who is holding the reins.

The large concerns are being reduced to the small. We have to start thinking in terms of family and community and surviving the coming storm. In this regard who we vote for has some import. We can never support evil and the Democrats, and Republicans, are evil. Vote for the candidate that most closely conforms to your moral and ethical beliefs and hold his feet to the fire. If he is garnering a good deal of support from either of these corrupt parties it tells you that his allegiance will be to the party that feeds him, not the people or God's truth. If a candidate is not to be found that meets your personal litmus tests then don't vote at all. It's better to choose none of the above than the lesser of two evils because evil is always evil, regardless of size.

And pray, pray, pray. We're on the verge of something terrible and without precedent in our country and the world. Take care of yourself and your family and get ready.

And don't look to any political party for salvation; salvation comes from God, not man.

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  1. Catawissa,

    Basically I agree with you, but during this next election the Constitution Party won't even be on the ballot in Wilmington, North Carolina, so I'll have to vote Republican.

    That being said, I think the Democrats are far, far worse. The Republican Party still doesn't support abortion on demand and gay marriage. But the Democrat Party does. Is this the only substantive difference between the two?


    I do have to say that when I saw the title of your post I wanted to go ballistic, but I knew right away what you were going to say and of course you did say it - very eloquently, too. I just hope people don't use this as an excuse to say, "Since there's no difference, I can go ahead and vote for the baby murderers because they are all about social justice." That's what has happened in the Catholic Church and thus do we have Obama.

    McCain is at heart a liberal, but he would have been better in the White House than Obama. Yes, we still would have our foreign entanglements and our national debt to the Red Chinese, BUT he would NOT have appointed Sonya Sotomayor (a cultural Catholic!) and Elena Kagan (a lesbian ethnic Jew) to SCOTUS, and he would not have fostered on us national health care that supports abortion, and he would not have ingratiated himself with the Islamists, and he WOULD have started construction of 40 new nuclear power stations right away.

    So I say when given a choice, vote Republican, but don't expect them to solve the world's problems because only repentance and conversion to righteousness and holiness will do that.

  2. I'm torn between pragmatism and outright anger on this issue. Would McCain have been a better choice? Hard to say but he has always seemed more than willing to make deals. McCain-Feingold comes to mind. He was endorsed by Republicans for Choice in the 2088 elections.

    And one has to wonder just how stridently anit-abortion the Republican Party really is when Giuliani was considered a front runner and one that the party would have happily endorsed.

    This is the whole lesser of two evils thing! I don't want to vote for evil yet I'm beginning to believe that I'll be given no other choice, except to sit it out. And that in its own way is evil, too.

    Perhaps the Republican Party could start to show me (I'm from Missouri after all) that they really intend to stick with their supposed core values by not allowing anyone that is pro-abort to run for any office under the Republican mantle. Of course, that won't happen because their core value is power and control, not life and liberty.

    I guess the only solution is to work at the local level to get people that we trust elected and then to pray that somehow they aren't corrupted by the machine.

    I think that this quote from The Washington post says it all:

    "Former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), now a D.C. lobbyist, warned that a robust bloc of rabble-rousers spells further Senate dysfunction. “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples,” Lott said in an interview. “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”

    But Lott said he’s not expecting a tea-party sweep. “I still have faith in the visceral judgment of the American people,” he said."

    Evil is completely in control of our government.