Thursday, August 12, 2010


"A Wisconsin state law is forcing the Madison (Wis.) Catholic Diocese this month to begin offering its employees insurance coverage for birth control.

However, a diocesan spokesman said employees will be warned against using the benefit and that open defiance of Catholic teaching on the issue could ultimately lead to termination.

St. Mary's Hospital in Madison has notified employees that it, too, soon will be required for the first time to cover contraception.

Both entities sought to get around the mandate by becoming self-insured, but the costs proved prohibitive.

The law, which took effect Jan. 1, requires all commercial insurance policies with a drug benefit to cover prescription contraceptives. Self-insured policies are exempt."
WCF Courier

I don't know how they can justify this! I don't care what the state says, the Church must not obey an immoral law. Period. I don't care what the government threatens or does, the Church absolutely has to defy it.

What, the Church is going to fire someone that takes advantage of the coverage? Really? If they're willing to start that fight with the state why not just fight the contraception requirement to begin with? If the Church accepts the idea that the state can force it to cover contraception then they have ceded the power to control the faith to the state anyway.

Where is Rome??!!

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  1. This is but the start. Sad. I really don't think Rome can do anything about it. But Jesus said that when we see these things happen, then we should look heavenward for our redemption draws nigh. Of course, redemption invariably involves the Cross - something most of us shrink from.

  2. You know, on the other hand, as I was thinking, this came to my mind: the Church defies immigration laws - at least our diocese of Raleigh, NC does. So why can't the Church defy contraception law?

    The Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin won't defy contraception law for the exact same reason that the Diocese of Raleigh, NC does defy immigration law: liberal progressive relativism - the platform, policies and programs of the Democrat Party. That's why.

  3. You're right on both counts, of course. But still, where the hell is Rome?!! This is beyond the pale. Immigration and the leftist/Progressive crap is terrible enough but birth control is an intrinsic evil. The Bishops are screwing around with pure, unadulterated evil.

    Please God, have mercy on your Church.

  4. Ezekiel 13 - I quoted it here when I commented about your post at my blog:

    OK, time for bed. CU in the morn!