Friday, February 17, 2012


It's time our side stops engaging these people on the left in this way and here's the reason why. We're playing into their strength, just as they want us to. We need to make our case, which we have, inform the government that we will not follow their dictate, which we have, move on and prepare for the arrests and other persecutions that will come.

By continuing to have these arguments, both in the Congressional hearings and on news outlets, we're allowing the administration to keep every one focused on social issues and away from the economic issues they fear most. In the end, I believe this is the real reason, or at least the primary reason at this point in time, for this attack on the First Amendment. It's mostly about re-election and getting us to watch the one hand while the other hand does the magic. Classic misdirection.

The best argument against the administration is to stand quietly against them. Just refuse to move. Now, they've tried to sidestep this tactic by making sure enforcement of their dictates won't happen until after the election. That's why they gave the Church a year to fall in line. So the way around that is to force the issue of government over reach but from different directions. Begin to exercise REAL freedom of religion. Speak directly against the administration from the pulpit. Draw the ire of the IRS and all the other dogs of government that will be set lose. Jab and punch but stay on our toes, bob and weave, don't let 'em rest.

Make them follow their nature and open the door to the real beast that they've kept bottled and in the closet. Let the people see what we've put into power. Not the sugar coated "social justice" - kumbya lie of Progressivism but the dark Hitler/Stalin reality. We'll never remove the cancer if we don't know it's there.