Monday, July 27, 2009

WE'LL ALL BE SINGING "THE BONNIE BLUE FLAG" BEFORE LONG has an article today about my favorite political movement, states rights. The number fo state lawmakers that are getting involved in this is growing. According to the article:

"Seven states passed resolutions this year affirming their sovereignty, and resolutions were introduced in 30 others. Some states have filed lawsuits or taken legislative action to challenge federal laws."

Doesn't it just warm your heart to hear this?

"At least three Nebraska lawmakers want to send a message to the federal government:
Butt out of state business.
Next year they will see if a majority of their colleagues agrees.
The senators are working on resolutions asserting Nebraska's sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.
Nebraska wouldn't try to secede from the union under their proposals but would go on record objecting to federal laws that they say go beyond constitutional authority."

Of course, the oposition won't argue about this on merit. Guess where they're going?

"State Sen. Bill Avery of Lincoln said the proposals sound disturbingly similar to the states' rights arguments made in defense of racial segregation and laws blocking blacks from voting."

“The history of this movement is rife with racism in the name of states' rights,” he said. “I'm not saying that the people making the case now are racist, but I don't think Nebraska needs to be getting in bed with these kinds of resolutions.”

It was sort of this kind of issue that established your state in the first place. Does the Kansa-Nebraska act ring any bells for you there, professor? Like it or not, Nebrasksa has been at the center of the states rights issue since it's inception. It was just on the wrong side before. Glad to see you guys are going to join the party.

"Online petitions urge Nebraska's state lawmakers to act.

“Either states can use the Constitution to maintain the power they have always had, or they can give it up,” said Gregory Boyle of Omaha, who started one online petition this spring."

Leave it up to a scholar to point out the obvious:

"A constitutional scholar questions the effectiveness of legislative resolutions and legal challenges.

“This is an outlet for those who are worried that the federal government will take over everything,” said Mark Kende, director of the Drake University Constitutional Law Center in Des Moines."

I wonder if he means those nervous Nellies, THE FOUNDING FATHERS!!

"Richard Duncan, a constitutional law professor at the University of Nebraska College of Law, said legislative resolutions send valuable political messages even with no legal weight.

“It's kind of a nice warning that people are growing tired of the size of the federal government,” he said."

The scholar club is going to take back this guys decoder ring.

This is all just further proof that this country is dangerously close to exploding. How issues like this are treated by our benevolent masters in Washington will determine whether this is a peaceful revolution or not. Our masters need to get out of their protective bubble and see what's happening out here. Of course that would mean actually associating with the rabble, lovey. How crass!

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