Monday, July 27, 2009


So, this video was on Glenn Becks show today. It shows a Baton Rouge police officer doing the bidding of ACORN and attempting to silence people that disagree with the health care bill. No surprise here. Shouldn't be this way but I really think that when push comes to shove the police will always side with the government, regardless of their vows to uphold the constitution. Most are too young and poorly educated about our history to even realize what they are doing. I base this opinion on conversations with older officers.

What strikes me about this is not that ACORN is being supported by the officer or trying to squash dissent. At about 1:50 into the video the photographer is having a conversation with someone that supports health care reform. They seem to be having a pleasant disagreement, no anger or loud words, when the officer tells them that they cannot talk to each other. Excuse me? This angers both people. The woman that shot the film said on Becks show that she and the man she was talking to are looking at working together to address this in some way. They may not agree on health care but they can sure rally around free speech.

Which brings me back to what is apparently becoming my "THEME OF THE DAY". The Obama administration is striking matches in the powder room of freedom. They are either badly miscalculating the response of the rank and file American to their socialist, black liberation, community organizing agenda or they are idiots. I doubt that it is the latter. I think that they may even understand how Americans will react to this and are trying to push it through so fast that we can't stop it. Unfortunately, our elected representatives are so focused on retaining their power that they don't want to be bothered. Too much, anyway. Some do seem to be showing some signs of life.

The joining together of these two people in the video to fight for the common cause of their first amendment rights is, I believe, illustrative of the stirring of America. The people are beginning to realize what is being taken from them and will not stand for it. This is just the beginning because it is mostly the politically active that are starting to awaken. As more and more of these incidents occur even the media will be forced to cover it, informing the rest of the people. This powder keg is going to blow. I just pray that the explosion is controlled and doesn't take out the constitution and the country with it.

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