Monday, July 27, 2009


The question of the day: Do these elected idiots realize just how close this country is to an explosion? If they continue to refuse to address the concerns of the people, don't they know what is coming? THIS IS AMERICA!!! We are the sons and daughters of the people that couldn't get along in Europe. Our ancestors came here because they wouldn't go with the program. We are genetically predisposed to cause problems when we know we are being lied to. From large towns to small we are beginning to awaken from our stupor. If all of these instances of unrest don't get the attention of the ruling elite we are going to see things move in a direction that will unleash forces that are best left contained. All sides of the political spectrum are starting to come together in a common cause. If the powers that be lose their ability to play us against each other we are going to rise in righteous anger in disgust at what we have allowed our country to become. This is the same thing that always happens when we are attacked, whether it is Pearl Harbor, the World Trade Center or by our own government. The people will NOT be trifled with. Remember government, we brought you into this world, we most assuredly can take you out.


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