Monday, July 27, 2009


I saw this on Gateway Pundit and followed it back to You Tube to watch the entire speech. I just hope that this isn't some sort of game that she is playing. I hope that she really is as straight forward and normal as she seems. It has been quite awhile since I have listened to a politician speak and actually believed what was being said. Palin seems to speak from her heart, not from a script (I know these are prepared remarks but they still sound honest, not rehearsed and massaged, unlike our President).

She is so similar to Reagan in this regard and the reaction to her only points to this. She is loved or hated, respected or reviled. There is no middle ground.

I am waiting for the one defining moment. It'll come. When she has had enough of the crap that's been thrown her way. The lies about her, but mostly about her family. The innuendo, the smears, the baseless rumors. At heart, she's a blue collar girl. She hunts, fishes, her husband works construction. I guarantee she is not a stranger to colorful language. Sometime, and I hope it's not planned in any way but a natural outburst of emotion, she's going to unstrap her toolbelt, let it hit the floor and come out swinging. Win, lose or draw she will be the nations hero. We need someone that will FIGHT!!

So Sarah, lose the handlers and advisers. Show us that you are a leader, not a politician. We're losing faith in this country and the system. We need you to either prove yourself quickly to us or get out of the way. There is hardly any time left at all.

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