Monday, May 2, 2011


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I hope that we really did kill bin Laden, not because I think it really makes all that much difference in the overall problems we face in the Middle East and not because I think the cost in lives, both soldiers and civilian can ever be balanced against it, but because he got what he deserved.

That being said, where's the body? Why in the hell would he be buried at sea? Was he? I don't know and neither does anyone else outside the loop. And that's the problem. If we did get him, doing this burial at sea thing just opens the door for conspiracy theories and all the rest. And it doesn't give the families of the victims of 9/11, or the American people, the satisfaction of seeing his cold, rotting corpse.

Before the onset of the lie of political correctness we still understood the necessity of displaying the body or at the very least bringing back the head to verify the death of our enemies. We've become soft. We're apparently more worried about some offense that the Muslim world might take than we are about doing the right thing by our own people.

Incidentally, if bin Laden was a faithful Muslim, thus deserving of a proper Muslim burial, wouldn't that indict all of Islam as a religion of war and genocide? On the other hand, if bin Laden is not representative of the majority of Muslims and their belief, if he was in fact apostate, why would the Muslim world give a rat's ass about how he was buried?

Anyway, congratulations on getting bin Laden, especially to the SEALS and all the other troops that go in and do this kind of work. Those guys are AMAZING!! And I do feel compelled to remind everyone that regardless of the crimes he committed we still should offer our prayers for bin Ladens's soul.

True justice comes from God, not a gun.


  1. Catty, I see you just had to post a picture of my Dalton cousins in this article! Aw, what the hay, everybody does it! Hey, I'll go one better on your "head on a pike" idea. They should have brought his head backi to DC, and put it on permanent display at the Smithtonian!

  2. I always did sense a bit of the outlaw in you.

    Yep, the administration has made an error that will come back to haunt them by getting rid of the body.

    Maybe if we put his head at the museum we could have put it in a case with a target on the front and made a video shooting game out of it.

  3. Conspiracy theorists are already banging away at their keyboards, and with good reason, for as long as our government continues to create scenarios which fire the flames of conspiracy they will exist. The heads and bodies of tyrants and outlaws have historically been displayed to prove their demise as well as relieve the fears of the general populist, much as did the public hanging of these same people, if nothing else it provided damn good entertainment in a time before mass media and shopping malls.

  4. >True justice comes from God, not a gun.

    Really? Then why do we bother?

    And weird that your god doesn't dole out justice on the living when it, y'know, means something to the living?

    I know, that pie in the sky sure will be tasty!