Friday, April 8, 2011


Jeff Beck is one of the greatest guitar players ever and he seems to have found a musical soul mate in Imelda May. She's a rockabilly singer from Ireland and her husband, Darrel Higham, is the guitar player in their band. He's a damned good guitarist himself.

Beck brought Imelda May and her band on the Leno show last night to play "Remeber (Walkin' in the Sand)", the 1964 hit for the Shangri-Las and they tore it down. There's some longer versions of them preforming this song on YouTube that are better but this was just fine.

Beck has always been deeply involved in jazz and earlier forms of rock. Of late he's been doing a lot of Les Paul music and Imelda May has been singing the Mary Ford vocal arrangements, even using the same multi tracking that Paul and Ford used to such great effect. I've posted the video from Beck's tribute on PBS to Les Paul, the great Les Paul/Mary Ford hit "How High the Moon", below. It's good to see that someone is carrying on these older songs, keeping them alive, because I just don't hear much anymore that compares. I don't know why that is except that most rock seems to have moved away from its blues, jazz and country roots. It's become way too dark and, dare I say it, Satanic.

Anyway, it's Friday and time for a little good music to wash away the cares of the world. My internet connection is barely functioning so this may be the only thing I post today.

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