Friday, April 8, 2011


For all that might think I'm rather extreme in my belief that the Church is splitting in America I give you this most current offering from Catholic TV. THIS IS NOT CATHOLICISM!! It's paganism and Protestantism and New Age craziness and it's a lie. Yet, many Catholics are turning to this with open arms.

We don't see much of this here in the middle of the country - yet. However, I talk to people on the coasts and they tell me that they run into stuff like this all the time. This is blasphemous, especially in the cavalier attitude towards the Eucharist.

In America we have the freedom to worship as we please and that's a good thing. But we don't have the freedom to lie. In calling this nightmare Catholicism the people that promote it are misleading others and sending them on the path to damnation.

This is a Church problem and the Church needs to deal with it. So, once again I'm forced to ask, WHERE THE HELL IS ROME?!!!! Souls are being lost and the Vatican is silent.

Let the excommunications begin. And while we're at it, when was the last time we had a good old fashioned heretic burning?

Just saying.


  1. A pseudo-Mass by and for gorillas and baboons. Actually, I insult gorillas and baboons everywhere. Being non-sentient, they would do what Jesus wanted were they to meet and see Him.

    Why wasn't the priest who officiated laicized? And heretic burning may not be a bad idea!

  2. You know what though. Mike Voris is just as nutty as the people he's talking about. The Scranton Diocese just relelased a statement regarding distancing themselves from him. (Regardless of whether you agree with Voris here or not, most of his videos are downright nasty and hateful. I really can't stand him.)

    Your wife and I have a mutual friend, Ros, (the Shadowlands blog), and she was the one who showed me that url about a week ago. She can't stand Voris either.