Friday, February 25, 2011


There is so much to talk about here regarding the elevation of the individual as a direct result of the Protestant heresy. This distortion of the truth is at the root of nearly every problem we have in this country today. The left puts the individual above the common good when it cries out for redistribution of wealth and the right does the same when it says that property rights are absolute and no one has a claim to theirs.

The truth is in the middle and it has a name; social justice. I know that this has become something to be derided because it's been distorted by the selfish INDIVIDUALS on both sides of the political spectrum to benefit their own PERSONAL needs. Never mind the good of the family.

The family is both the basic unit of human survival and the basic form of government. How would any family function if everyone in it was just looking out for number one? They wouldn't and they don't! Why do you think divorce rates are so catastrophically high?

And when did divorce rates in America start to climb? Right after contraception was made a right in America and legalized. When children became an option, a choice to be made by the individual, when man put himself in God's place, becoming like God, the sacramental agreement between man and wife that is marriage lost its meaning. If God was no longer necessary in the decision about creating children, which is after all the central reason for marriage and the sexual act, then why should He have anything to say about the marriage itself? The individual could make the choice now; he had become God!

Pope Paul VI predicted all this in 1968 with the publication of
Humanae Vitae. If you haven't read it in awhile or have never read it take a few minutes and look it over.

We are not gods and we cannot take from the true God the power that is meant for Him alone. It always has and always will end in disaster.

Pray for the people of the Philippines that they retain their ban on contraception and that Planned Parenthood loses this battle. Future lives and humanity itself rests on decisions like this.

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