Friday, February 25, 2011


Nothing here to see...just move along.

"Italian police on Friday arrested six Moroccan men suspected of inciting hatred against Pope Benedict XVI for converting a Muslim journalist in Italy to Catholicism.
Stefano Fonsi, head of Brescia police's anti-terrorism squad in northern Italy, said the suspects allegedly banded together and met privately with the goal of stirring up religious hatred against non-Muslims, including the pope.

Investigators say they found literature exhorting Muslim immigrants against integrating into Italian society and saying the pope should be punished for having baptized the journalist during an Easter vigil ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica.

The investigation grew out of security checks ahead of a pastoral visit by Benedict to Brescia in 2009, but authorities insisted that their probe revealed no plot against the pontiff or other terrorism aims."

Here's the thing: If the Communists are mixed up with the Muslims in driving these protests, as they seem to be, with the unions starting and fueling them and the Muslim radicals filling the void they leave, then it's perfectly rational to expect that when these riots wash ashore in Italy one of the primary targets will be the Vatican.

The Church has been at war with Marxism since the beginning. It was, along with Reagan, Thatcher, and Lech Walesa the driving force in the collapse of Communist Eastern Europe. Marxism has been condemned as an intrinsically evil system since its earliest days.

The Marxists want the Church destroyed and the Pope dead. Period. And it goes without saying that the Muslims will have no problem with this, either. He is, after all, the infidel in chief.

So watch as the events unfold in Italy. I'm very afraid that what happens in Rome will have ramifications the world over.

Pray and prepare.


  1. Hey CG, did you ever hear of a book called "United In Hate" by Jamie Glazov? You ought to read it because it shows the extreme left (Marxists) admires the Muzzies and cheers them on.

  2. No I haven't. Thanks, I'll look it up and ad it to the list.