Thursday, February 10, 2011


Regardless of the distortions by the media here in America there is more at work in Cairo than an innocent push for democracy. Speaking of which, why should we be excited about a push for democracy? We're not a democratic society. But you know who is? Russia, Cuba, China, Venezuela, North Korea...

"“In the absence of a leader who can talk to those in power, protesters in the street are too weak. This has helped Muslim fundamentalists find their way into talks with the government,” a source anonymous for security reasons told AsiaNews. “Foreign hands are pulling the strings in Egypt,” he said.

“You can see more and more fundamentalists in the streets. Many have in fact been recently released from prison,” the source said. At the same time, the Arabic translation of a recent speech by Ayatollah Khamenei praising the Egyptians for their courage has found its way in pamphlets handed out in the streets. In it, Iran’s spiritual leader urges Egyptians to carry out an Islamic revolution.

Site, a US-based intelligence monitoring service, reported that al-Qaeda released a message to the Egyptian people, calling for a jihad against Mubarak’s pro-Western regime. It also warned them against “pagan idols” like democracy and Westernisation."
Asia News

And while we're on the subject of Islam:

"Indonesian police officers patrol Christian churches to discourage further violence, following the aftermath of the attacks in Temanggung (Archdiocese of Semarang, in Central Java) (see Fides 8/02/2010), sources in Indonesia tell Fides, expressing “serious concerns and fears by the Christian community in Semarang, Jakarta, but also in other cities of the archipelago.”

A man has been arrested, suspected to be among the organisers of the violence, but his identity and his potential membership to an organisation have not been disclosed. Meanwhile, the militant group Islamic Defender Front has denied being involved in the disorder.

The President of the Commission for Interreligious Dialogue of the Indonesian Bishops Conference, Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi, said that “religious minorities have been left without any protection from the state, calling for “a decisive step” to put an end to the violence and calling on the Christian faithful to not fall into the spiral of revenge but to forgive."

Nothing like a spiral of revenge to keep your day interesting.

I wonder why we even involve ourselves in these countries? Our world view and religious tolerance doesn't allow us to understand the people that live here and the passions that drive them. Not that we can't, just that we don't and it's this lack of understanding that allows our politicians and media to twist and manipulate the facts to their own advantage.

We go to war to fatten the wallets of the bankers and industrialists while being told that we're planting democracy and freedom in countries that are not prepared for it, don't understand it and don't want it. That's why, when given the opportunity to vote, most of the time the people vote for more oppression. We give them a democracy, not a republic, which is the form of government we live with, and then we watch as they revert to form. Corrupt governments remain corrupt; they just get new guys at the top, siphoning off the money we send as aid, money stolen from future generations of Americans.

American soldiers die by the thousands to satisfy the imperialist dreams of the politicians and the greed of the money men.

Ask the average guy on the street here in America and see if he thinks it's worth sacrificing the lives of our kids for this armpit of the world or all the others we constantly find ourselves involved in. Outside of our humanity we've got nothing in common with any of these people. We don't understand them and they don't understand us. Worse, given the opportunity many would see us dead.

TEA Party not withstanding, this isn't going to change, either. There's just too much money in it. Our money and the money of generations to come.

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