Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Boy, I sure hope that we get some of that Sharia freedom over here! Won't it be great?

"Thousands of angry Muslims attacked three churches, a Christian orphanage and a health centre that is also a Christian. The violence took place this morning at 10 am (local time) and only ended with the intervention of police in riot gear and police vans. One of the vans was set on fire by the crowd.

The revolt took place in Temanggung regency (Central Java), and started right in front of the town hall: first the crowd attacked the court where a trial against Richmond Bawengan Antonius, a Christian born in Manado (North Sulawesi) , accused of proselytizing and blasphemy was being held.

Bawengan was arrested in October 2010 because during a visit to Temanggung he had distributed printed missionary material, which, among other things, poked fun at some Islamic symbols. The profanity has cost him five years in prison, but the crowd were demanding the death sentence. The violence was sparked by their dissatisfaction with the verdict."
Asia News

"Christians in Egypt increasingly live in fear of discrimination and persecution, and political change may not be a change for the better.

Some Christian demonstrators were seen praying peacefully with Muslims, as protests gripped Tahrir Square in Cairo. But with an uprising in the streets and upheaval in the government, Egypt's Christians, who make up about 10 percent of the population, aren't likely to end up with someone in power as tolerant of them as even President Hosni Mubarak has been.

“I don’t believe Mubarak is a good man, but he’s at least ten times better than the Muslim Brotherhood is,” a popular tweeter named Maged told FoxNews.Com. “Imagine if they took control with American approval.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamic group that in recent years has tried to tone down its extreme image in search of a greater role in the Egyptian social and political structure, but some argue that the group never really shed its extremist past.

Maged described an ascendant Muslim Brotherhood as the “mother of all fears," a nightmare for Christians: “About 90 percent of the population here believes that slitting our throats is their way to heaven.”"
Fox News

"As pro and anti-Mubarak protesters clash in the streets of Egypt, the Christian minority continues to face mounting persecution, largely unbeknownst to the public eye.

Tom Doyle, Middle East director for E3 Partners, a Christian missionary organization that works extensively in Egypt and the surrounding region, and author of “Breakthrough: The Return of Hope to the Middle East,” tells FOX that colleagues on the ground report the murder of 15 more Christians outside Al-Minya, about 150 miles south of Cairo.

“With no police available, no one was willing to help them. Family members are taking turns keeping watch over their homes, as robberies, rape, looting, and car theft are occurring routinely now.”

Under Egypt’s constitutional rights, Christians are free to practice their faith. Persecution, however, has been rampant, as Muslim extremists seek to deny those rights. Twenty-three Christians were murdered and 70 injured as a suicide bomber attacked a Coptic Christian Church at a New Year’s Eve mass in Alexandria. Archbishop Raweis, the top Coptic cleric in Alexandria, denounced what he called a lack of protection."
Fox News

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