Sunday, February 20, 2011


Go to the Drudge Report and just look at the headlines today. If you haven't really seriously thought about what you are going to do to protect yourself and your family you need to start. The train is coming off the track.

End times? Who knows. Regardless, we're entering into an age of extreme instability and that's never a good thing, unless of course your goal is to create a vacuum so it can be filled and that's not a good thing for any body but the powers doing the filling. SO GET READY!! The average, normal citizen of the world is about to be thrust into a strange new life that will wipe away all the usual supports. We're going to be on our own now, only family and friends left to help us through. And God; He'll never leave us if we ask Him to stay.

If you refuse to see it and you don't act to defend yourself don't come running to those of us that have. While we may want to help the chances are that we won't be able to do much. No matter what we've done to get ready for the things that are happening right now it won't be enough. We'll be starting all over again, too.

The shit has begun to enter the fan.

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