Friday, February 4, 2011


Look this stuff up. I have and Beck's right.


  1. I wonder if Beck is a crazy moron or he only plays one on TV to get crazy morons to watch him.

    I notice you screen your comments, so when you say "Comment often and violently, please. You can't possibly say anything worse than my family would at Dad's bar." you're just being a typical theist and not meaning what you say right / hypocrite. Why are theists like that I wonder?

  2. A bit judgmental aren't we? I suppose I could ask why those of a Progressive mindset always seem to be so, but I won't. I notice that when I click on your name it takes me back to a profile page that has been locked so that no one can see anything about you. Does this make you a hypocrite after the accusations you've made?

    By the way, I screen the comments for one reason: I get comments from Asia that invariably have links to porn on them which I will not place on my blog. As far as speech goes I never censor anything, no matter how offensive or crazy.

    But then I guess you're free to believe whatever you want.

    Keep on writing and you'll see that I mean what I just said. I'll argue all you want as long as an argument is presented. I won't respond to pointless calumny. All I really care about is the truth and maybe you'll show me something I never considered. Or maybe you'll just keep spitting hate.

    Your choice.

  3. Salvage: Yes, if his own wife calls him assholian and he publishes it, why would you think he won't publish something you say. LOL

  4. Cool.

    So, you've "Looked this stuff up and Beck's right?" Your god is getting set to destroy the world using our geopolitical situations as some sort of trigger?

    Why does your god need triggers much less triggers determined by our rather base actions?

    Where did you look it up?

  5. Thanks for the apology; we'll try and keep things friendly from here on out.

    I don't have time for big replies today because it's Super Bowl Sunday. While I don't care at all about football, beer and food definitely catches my attention.

    Quickly, on the Beck thing. I don't agree with all he says, but by and large I've checked his assertions and he's substantially correct. Honestly, I haven't had to check everyone of them because I was already well down this road before he got on to it.

    Go to his website, He supplies footnotes to back up what he says on his shows. At the very least you gotta' admit that's not something you see everyday. But go and check 'em out and show me where he's lying. I'm open to the truth, regardless of where it leads.

    Start going to the websites of various groups on the left and right and start looking for connections. You'll quickly notice that most of this stuff is incredibly interconnected, not always in ways that are readily apparent but generally within a few clicks. Go to "social justice" (social justice is a good thing but it's being distorted by the left and right) sights and see how often you'll find connections back to Marxist organizations and unions. Look into the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and you'll find connections back to a bunch of these groups, even though what they support violates Church teaching and in some cases Church law. The connections back to Islamic fanaticism are also there.

    And ask yourself how it's possible for all this revolutionary activity to break out all around the Mediterranean basin organically. I do believe this is being organized and driven by a consolidation of groups sharing common interests, which is what Beck is trying to show.

    Check out the groups that are on Beck's video and see where it takes you.

    Look, in the end I believe that all roads lead back to the banks and a small group of exceedingly wealthy individuals. Whether this is a conspiracy (possible) or just a convergence of interest (my guess) the things that are happening today in the world are connected and they are being used to consolidate power and wealth at the expense of the people.

    Like I say, I don't have much time today so we can get into the God stuff later. I'll leave it at this: God uses nature all the time, He created it. Most of the things that happen in the Bible, the chastisements that led up to the Exodus are a prime example, can be explained through natural laws and events. This doesn't mean that God doesn't have a hell of a lot to do with their timing.

  6. Salvage,

    I ended up replying to you in a post on the blog because it got too long and if I'm doing that much typing I might as well take advantage of it to fill space.

    Again, thanks for reading and replying. It helps me to clarify my thoughts when I'm challenged. Sometimes I find out I'm full of crap!