Monday, January 17, 2011


OK, so we all know that the House is going to vote to repeal the Health Care Bill. Why are they wasting their time and ours? Between the Reid controlled Senate and the President they aren't going to repeal anything. This is just theater to allow the Republicans to say that they followed through on a campaign promise to the TEA Party members. In the mean time the precious few weeks we have until the debt limit is reached are dwindling away.

In these remaining weeks the Republicans could show us they are more than just the other wing of the oligarchy that rules from Washington and come up with a plan to avoid increasing the debt ceiling without defaulting on our obligations. I know there's a way to do it. It's just going to be a really tough thing to do and it WILL cause pain all across this country.

So instead of living up to their oaths, acting like adults and making the tough choices that are required they play games with the Health Care Bill and run down the clock and get us into emergency mode so that they can say that we need to increase our credit limit, "Just one more time!" This provides them cover for not doing their job.

The Health care Bill is easy to handle; don't fund it. That is the power the House has and it's the power they can exercise. But they won't. That, too, would be politically risky and would anger some of their constituents and their friends in the insurance industry, at least the insurers that are part of the program and stand to reap the profits.

So once again, even after the whole TEA Party uprising, nothing changes in Washington. The curtain is about to go up on potentially the last Congress this nation ever convenes if they don't take care of business because America is going to default, one way or another. And it's going to happen soon. And these panty waist politicians will get the blame no matter what. Of course, I suppose that maybe with just a little more time they can set themselves and their families up to get out'a Dodge before the SHTF. And maybe that explains why we're spending so much time watching the show and not making the hard choices.

It wouldn't surprise me at all.

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