Monday, December 6, 2010


Damn, it got cold quick around here!

Read Kunstler's article at
Cluster**** Nation. I've said it before; he's a lefty elitist but I really don't care because I believe he's closer to the mark than almost any other writer today regarding our very near future.

I haven't posted anything for the last week because I'm beginning to think that all this writing really doesn't matter. The lines have been drawn and the sides have been chosen and those that see what's coming will never convince those that don't, right up to the moment when it becomes obvious to even the most vacuous and the war begins at the local convenience store, and then it'll be too late for most to do anything but die quickly or starve slowly.

There's no way to put a time on this or to begin to see the exact chain of events that will lead to collapse. Korea? Wikileaks? Corrupt banks? Soros? Unemployment? Energy cost? Energy shortage? Natural disaster? Food shortages? Food prices?

One of these or a combination of these or something that we don't even see coming will tip the scales and the world will spin apart. There'll be no warning when it happens, either. We'll go to bed one night closing our eyes on the last moments of everything we've known only to open them on a new reality, a world so radically different than anything we've known before that it'll seem as though we've passed through a portal into some sort of Rod Serling existence, familiar yet distorted beyond recognition, a place where the rules we've believed were immutable have disappeared only to be replaced with a new law, one that rewards ancient skills and and faith while it destroys the false edifices of success we've constructed in the last fifty years.

The talking heads are feeding the people with false hope, saying recovery out of one side of their mouths while giving short shrift to the
near historic levels of long term unemployment with the other. The bankers on Wall Street are getting ready to give themselves massive bonuses ahead of the expected tax increases while all the rest of us watch as our wages fall and our jobs disappear.

It has become obvious to any one that looks that the America we knew as kids and the one we read about in history books no longer exists. We are a country, not of laws but of influence. The laws that apply to the people don't apply to the connected. If you are Charlie Rangel you can violate the very laws you helped to write and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. If you're Wesley Snipes, you go to prison.

The Wikileaks revelations have forced an interesting admission from many in government and out;
lying is not only acceptable but it is, in some cases, a positive virtue. Not just hiding the truth from or deceiving our enemies during war but lying as a normal course of business. As a Catholic I know that lying is ALWAYS wrong. But I don't need religion to teach me this. I learned it at a young age through experience and spankings.

The main thing that I've taken from the whole Wikileaks imbroglio is not some sense of anger at Assange or some need to avenge a wrong done my country by him. Instead, I've developed a strong feeling of disgust directed towards all people in positions of power and their constant manipulation of our lives through self serving charade. I want to be able to trust the information that I have yet I don't believe a word I hear.

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.
Matthew 5:37

Why can't our leaders follow this simple admonition? Perhaps because none of us can, either.

I haven't written anything over the last week because I've been thinking that the time for outward focus is drawing to a close. As the world around us becomes more evil, thus more Satanic in origin it's becoming ever clearer that the time to begin a serious withdrawal from it is upon us.

Obviously, unless you're independently wealthy you can't withdraw completely. The material needs of life will keep us connected at some level right to the end. And we need to stay at least marginally aware of current events so we aren't caught off guard. That being said, we can begin to withdraw spiritually and that can begin with speaking the truth. And we must begin that by speaking the truth to ourselves.

We need to know what we believe and why. The times that are coming will not leave us the luxury of vacillation. To act decisively one must know the values that they hold so completely that they guide every action. When we are presented with a choice that can quite literally be a life and death decision we will need to know how to save ourselves or understand the reason we are willing to die. Anything else will be slavery.

Learn to speak the truth regardless of the outcome. It is the truth that's important, nothing else.

Learn to see the truth. This can only happen if you understand what you believe and why, and then only if you've conformed your beliefs to the truth, not bent the truth to conform to you. There is only one truth as there is only one God.

Learn to seek the truth. Nothing else matters. Get away from anything that is not true as quickly as you can. Your life, both physical and spiritual, depends on it.

Become as independent as you can as quickly as you can. Prices are going to go up. Buy food, clothing and other commodities now while the prices are still low so that you aren't left out in the cold next year. Learn to garden and preserve food. Learn all the old skills so you can get by when times get tough. If you are reliant on others to provide the most basic needs you'll probably starve.

Try to get out of debt. That's a big hurdle around here but we're doing the best we can. At the very least don't get into any more debt and pay off anything you can. Keep those old cars instead of buying new. Learn to work on them yourself. Repair everything yourself and keep the old stuff working, just like our fathers and grandfathers did. And if the big screen shoots craps go up in the attic and get out the old 13" black and white before spending money on a TV that you don't really need. Put your money into a generator, a water filter or something else more sensible. Buy your clothes at the thrift shop and frequent the flea markets. A lot of old, used stuff still has a bunch of life left in it. And if you have to buy something new, buy the best. Make sure it can be repaired and kept useful. No more throwing stuff out when it breaks just to buy a new one.

Acquire a skill of some sort that has real value. In the near future the ability to manipulate a spreadsheet isn't going to put food on the table. You'll need to produce, to build or repair. All of you that skipped shop class in high school may want to reconsider that choice.

Focus on your family and make sure it can stand against the world. None of us can trust anything except our families. If you've let your family fall apart for any reason swallow your pride and get it back together again. It's your best hope.

If you don't go to church, start. Even if you don't believe in God it won't hurt to understand why so many of us do. If you are honestly searching for the truth you can't discount the very real fact that religious belief has driven nearly all of the advances in human history and it's importance will become much greater as things come apart. Again, you need to know what you believe and why you believe it and you need to know, without doubt, that it is true.

Above all else, begin to consider the possibility that everything is about to fall apart and develop some sort of plan for you and your family to deal with it. Best case, nothing happens and you've at least prepared for the inevitable power outage. Worst case, you have a viable plan to survive the coming storm of societal collapse.

Or you can close your eyes Pollyanna, hope for the best and put your faith in the same people that have already admitted that, at least in their world, lying is a virtue.

Your choice.

Here's an example of why and how even basic preparedness can benefit your family.

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