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"There’s never been a time when so many people have been so old. Throughout the developed world, there are now more elderly than children. The details vary but go roughly like this: The number of people who are 60 and older is set to triple in the next 40 years. By 2050, there will be more people aged 65 and older than children under 14 for the first time in history. By 2150, one in three people will be over 65. In developed countries, aging is coming sooner than that. By 2050, half of the people in Spain will be 55 or older. In England, there are already more baby boomers than teenagers. In Japan, the world’s oldest country, more than 21 percent of the population is over 65. The world is getting older and the process, given current trends, cannot be reversed. There may never again be a world that is mostly young."
Smart Set

"Fifty years after the pill, another birth control revolution may be on the horizon: free contraception for women in the U.S., thanks to the new health care law.

That could start a shift toward more reliable — and expensive — forms of birth control that are gaining acceptance in other developed countries.

But first, look for a fight over social mores.

A panel of experts advising the government meets in November to begin considering what kind of preventive care for women should be covered at no cost to the patient, as required under President Barack Obama’s overhaul.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., author of the women’s health amendment, says the clear intent was to include family planning.

But is birth control preventive medicine?

Conflicting answers frame what could be the next clash over moral values and a health law that passed only after a difficult compromise restricting the use of public money for abortions.

For many medical and public health experts, there’s no debate.

“There is clear and incontrovertible evidence that family planning saves lives and improves health,” said obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. David Grimes, an international family planning expert who teaches medicine at the University of North Carolina. “Contraception rivals immunization in dollars saved for every dollar invested. Spacing out children allows for optimal pregnancies and optimal child rearing. Contraception is a prototype of preventive medicine.”

But U.S. Catholic bishops say pregnancy is a healthy condition, not an illness. In comments filed with the Department of Health and Human Services, the bishops say they oppose any requirement to cover contraceptives or sterilization as preventive care."
The Blaze

"China is asking where all the girls have gone.

And the sobering answer is that this vast nation, now the world's fastest-growing economy, is confronting a self-perpetuated demographic disaster that some experts describe as "gendercide" -- the phenomenom caused by millions of families resorting to abortion and infanticide to make sure their one child was a boy.

The age-old bias for boys, combined with China's draconian one-child policy imposed since 1980, has produced what Gu Baochang, a leading Chinese expert on family planning, described as "the largest, the highest, and the longest" gender imbalance in the world."

All of this reminds me of the titan of industry that believes sending jobs overseas is good for the economy here at home. I'm always forced to ask how, if no one has a decent job, the business leader expects us to be able to buy his product?

Tinkering in an area that is meant for God alone has created a problem of untold consequence. As the population ages, who will pay for all these wonderful social programs? And since old people don't make kids, how are we ever going to replenish ourselves if the young use contraceptives?

And is it surprising that an administration that has John Holdren as science "czar", a man that has
approved of compulsory contraception as a means to control the population, would back birth control as an essential part of health care coverage.

Holdren is an environmental extremist, who along with Paul Ehrlich,
developed a formula to describe just how destructive people are. These are the ideological underpinnings of the push to further the use of contraceptives inside the administration.

And then we have Planned Parenthood backing this proposal, a group founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger with the goal of
destroying the black race and all other unacceptables. Strange that a black President would find himself allied with such an organization.

All of this makes me wonder what the real purpose and desire of those that push contraception and massive social programs are? Are they just so deluded by their own visions of a Socialist Utopia that they can't see the flaws in the system they've designed? Or, do they intend to collapse the system we have and start with the wreckage and raise their new world order from the ashes?

And then, all this makes me wonder how long it's been since anyone has watched "Soylent Green" because I'm thinking that the people that are in power have watched it one time too many and they've taken it to heart. It almost seems as though they're trying to create the same world.

Be careful what you eat!

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