Monday, November 1, 2010


"Armed security guards will be on hand at 36 unemployment offices around Indiana in what state officials said is a step to improve safety and make branch security more consistent.

No specific incidents prompted the action, Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter told 6News' Norman Cox.

Lotter said the agency is merely being cautious with the approach of an early-December deadline when thousands of Indiana residents could see their unemployment benefits end after exhausting the maximum 99 weeks provided through multiple federal extension periods."
The Indy Channel

"Youths who pillaged stores, torched cars and fought street battles with police have transformed the genteel French city of Lyon into a flashpoint of violence over an unpopular pension reform.

One of France's wealthiest cities and more commonly associated with fine-dining than riots, Lyon has seen the worst violence of this week's street protests as clashes injured two dozen people and scores more were arrested.

On Wednesday, police in the southeastern city tear-gassed about 300 youths in groups around the central Bellecour square after calling in 800 extra officers to put down what one local official called "urban guerrilla warfare."

How long will it be before we see these same sorts of riots here? The government is preparing at the unemployment office for a reason, regardless of their statement. When the money gets cut off the unions will assert themselves and begin the same sorts of protests they've inflamed in Europe.

Buckle up.

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