Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I guess we'll see protests break out all across the Muslim world against this violence impugning their peaceful belief system by what must be impostors posing as Muslims to denigrate the faith.

Just think how mad they get when you burn a few books!

"Indonesia's president ordered police to hunt down and arrest assailants who stabbed a Christian worshipper in the stomach and beat a minister in the head with a wooden plank as they headed to prayers.

Neither of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

No one claimed responsibility for Sunday's attacks. But suspicion immediately fell on Islamic hard-liners who have repeatedly warned members of the Batak Christian Protestant Church against worshipping on a field housing their now-shuttered church.

In recent months, they have thrown shoes and water bottles at the church members, interrupted sermons with chants of "Infidels!" and "Leave Now!" and dumped piles of feces on the land.

Local police Chief Imam Sugianto said Asia Sihombing, a worshipper, was on his way to the field when assailants jumped off a motorcycle and stabbed him in the stomach.

The Rev. Luspida Simanjuntak was smashed in the head as she tried to come to his aid."
Fox News

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  1. Now remember Catty, these violent Muzzies don't represent all the followers of the prophet! They only represent those who actually take the Koran seriously! LOL! Scotju