Monday, September 13, 2010


"As 18 doves flew into the skies over the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Saturday night, more than 100 diverse Sacramentans blessed copies of the Quran with roses of love.

Again and again they uttered the refrain, "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" at the entrance to the downtown church framed by white statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. A musician with a white guitar accompanied them.

Representatives of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, B'hai, Mormon, Sikh, Vedic Druid and Muslim beliefs read scriptures from the great religious texts - including six verses from the Quran calling for all faiths to live in harmony.

Irfan Haq, speaking on behalf of Sacramento's Muslims, told the rose bearing crowd outside the cathedral, "On this day September 11 - this day of infamy and darkness - what we are witnessing is a new beginning for Sacramento, for America - this is the America the world needs to see."
Sacramento Bee

I don't suppose we'll be seeing any Bibles blessed in Mosques in the Sacramento area, will we?

Whoever, whether it be priest or bishop, allowed this blasphemy to occur in a Catholic Church should be publicly and loudly removed from their position by Rome. But I guess that would be too much to ask what with Pope John Paul II having kissed a Koran during his pontificate.

It would be one thing to have an interfaith event in a secular setting to show support for freedom of religious belief. It's quite another to allow the blessing of a book that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ in a Catholic Church, much less a Cathedral!

It's not a wonder that so many have left the faith of the Apostles. What good is a church that purports to be, not just Christian but the very church founded by Christ himself, when it openly elevates a religion that denies the very things it teaches as truth, all in the name of ecumenism.

Whether by design or incompetence, confusion is running wild among the faithful and abominations like Koran blessing only further this muddling of the truth. Islam and its Satanic belief system has now been elevated to a place of honor by the Catholic Church in Sacramento. If the Church in Rome fails to forcefully rebuke the leaders of this Church then the faithful there and elsewhere will be left with the impression that Islam and Catholicism are compatible, that truth can indeed contradict truth, a distortion of reality that so evil that it defies rationality.

The smoke of Satan has truly entered the Church and the days of darkness are upon us.

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  1. I hope the next time they release doves, the birds have a real bad case of diarrhea, and poop on this nonsense! Scotju