Sunday, August 1, 2010


These videos show exactly how important it is that we know where our County Sheriffs stand on the Constitution and protecting us from those that would violate our rights, even if it's the federal government. Our Sheriffs are the first line of defense against an all powerful and intrusive Washington. If the sheriff won't protect us, then we're on our own.

Talk to the Sheriff in your county and the officers under him. Find out where they stand and explain your position. Let them know that you support them and that, as long as they defend the Constitution, you'll stand right next to them, come hell, high water or the federal government.

Oh, and keep in mind that the abuses the Sheriff describes began in the Bush I administration, carried through Clinton and Bush II right on up to today. For those that believe any particular party will keep them safe from an all powerful federal government, think again. The federal government has become a monster intent on destroying our liberty and both parties are part of the game.

I found these at
Morph City.

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  1. People didn't want God to be God. They wanted the federal govt to be God and give them everything they wanted. Now we have a federal govt so powerful that it can take everything we have away. And both parties are responsible. I am convinced that we're at the end of the Republic.