Sunday, August 1, 2010


I saw this video at New Zeal and it's instructive as to the real enemy in the fight to control the borders and the underlying political reality we are facing today. Note the Cuban flag flying alongside the Mexican, with the picture of the revolutionary murderer Che Guevara placed prominently upon it.

These protests are not being driven by illegal immigrants but by Marxist revolutionaries. We've entered into a new phase of violence as we get closer to the elections in November. The troops are being called out to begin the social unrest that I believe will become much, much more common in the coming few months. The unions will begin to work to destabilize our country along with the groups that are like those in the video above. Last week saw the new version of
ACORN attack banks here in St. Louis at the exact time the financial control bill was signed by the President.

This is a coordinated effort by those that would see Marxism take root in our country. We are under attack, right now! Sooner or later, they'll get exactly what they want; someone will react to their protests violently and all hell will break lose on the streets of America.

Pray and prepare!

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  1. And keep your rifle clean and your ammunition dry. It wouldn't hurt to save up on canned foods and bottles of fresh water, either.

  2. That's the prepare part!

    Are you getting the feeling, as I certainly am, that no matter how hard we try to avoid it, short of divine intercession, war and blood are right around the corner? Especially in the urban areas?

    Maybe sometime just before the November elections?