Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Racism is tearing the Tea Party movement apart.

The National Tea Party Federation has expelled a prominent activist group, the Tea Party Express, because it wouldn't rebuke and fire one of its leaders for writing an offensive blog post.

Mark Williams, a California radio host who is leading protests in New York against a proposed mosque near Ground Zero and has drawn Sarah Palin to his rallies, had previously called the President an "Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug" and said Muslims were "animals" who worship "a monkey god."

But when he posted a satirical letter this week from "the Colored People" to President Lincoln about how little they want to work, that apparently crossed the line - especially after the NAACP called on Tea Party leaders to oust racists from their ranks.

"We have expelled Tea Party Express and Mark Williams from the National Tea Party Federation because of the letter that he wrote," federation spokesman David Webb said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

He called the July 14 letter "clearly offensive."
New York Daily News

Really? Racism is tearing the Tea Party apart? For that to be true wouldn't there need to be an actual Tea Party to tear?

At this point the Tea Party is still more of a concept, a set of beliefs that link various people of all different political persuasions together. The primary tenet of the Tea Party movement seems to be smaller, Constitutionally limited government. This racism canard is something being constructed out of thin air by those of a Progressive nature on a mission to besmirch others with different views.

What does this Mark Williams or his
Tea Party Express group have to do with anything? It seems as though he has tried to create some authority where none exists. He looks to have tried to piggy back onto an organic movement for personal gain. Or maybe he's a true believer just trying to do his part. I don't know.

One thing's for sure, though. He's made a really stupid mistake or he let his true feelings out. Now, anyone that has been associated with his group, such as Palin, Breitbart or Coulter will be smeared along with him.

So now we'll see how the members of the Tea Party movement react. If they're truly racist, they'll close ranks and defend Williams and his stupid attempt at satire, or whatever it was. If they're not, they'll distance and disassociate themselves from him publicly and permanently. Unless of course it turns out that there is some sort of logical or reasonable explanation for this idiocy, which I kind'a doubt.

The National Tea Party Federation, a group that is trying to form some sort of cohesive coalition out of these disparate groups of Tea Party's has already kicked Tea Party Express and Mr. Williams out of their organization. Good for them.

This is more than the NAACP has done to distance itself from the New Black Panthers and far more than our President has done to distance himself from Jeremiah Wright or Van Jones.

The Tea Party Movement must be incredibly vigilant as regards any sort of stupidity about race. This seems to be the tool the Marxists have chosen to use to destroy it. It will always be held to a way higher standard in this regard than any organization on the left, such as the NAACP or the eugenicist, black hating Planned Parenthood.

Watch your step, guys!

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  1. You let the NAACP put you where they want you on the defence ! they are the ones that are guilty of racism. you need to crawl out from under the bed , stop hiding and call a spade a spade.

  2. I'm not feeling defensive in the least. My point, which I apparently didn't make very well, is that, to win in the court of public opinion, the Tea Party will have to hold itself to a higher standard than those that are fighting against it.

    When I was a kid during the Civil Rights era I remember that being the mindset of so many involved in that cause. They knew that the media and the establishment were working to destroy them and would seize on any problem, even minor problems, to attack them. The Tea Party has the same problem. It has to always assume someone is watching for a slip up to turn against them.

    Public opinion is not as solidly behind the Tea Party as I think many of us would like. There are an awful lot of people sitting on the fence; you know, the ones that get their news from the main stream media. The only way to win them over is through example, because everything they read and hear will be negative. We can't afford to stoke that fire!