Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has once again lashed out at the Catholic Church, this time against Pope Benedict XVI, saying, “He is not an ambassador of Christ.” “Christ,” he asserted, “is in the people.”

“Christ doesn’t need any ambassadors,” Chavez said, announcing that the the relationship between Venezuela and the Holy See would be reviewed. “We must review those accords, with all due respect to the Vatican State and to the Pope, who is no ambassador of Christ on Earth, as they say.”

“Christ is in the people and in those who fight for the justice of the liberation of the meek, that’s where Christ is - the true Christ, Our Father, the liberator of the poor on Earth, the supreme example of sacrifice for those who suffer,” Chavez went on."
Catholic News Agency

This is a perfect example of Liberation Theology and collective salvation put into practice. Just as the Pope has written, in Liberation Theology the work of Christ on the cross is not sufficient. Salvation comes through the collective and the good works of the people. This heresy turns Christianity on its head. The state becomes the authority and the Church declines in importance because, after all, it teaches a lie.

This same ugly perversion seems to be the theological foundation that our current President has built his belief system on. The belief itself is evil and Satanic and it will corrupt and convert its followers.

Pray for the soul of our President and the American people. Given enough time, this perversion will be accepted in our country because it sounds so appealing. It has already gained a strong foothold in the leadership of many of our churches and is being preached from the pulpit as the truth.

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