Saturday, July 17, 2010


State representative Brian Nieves is running for the Missouri Senate in the 26th district. Even though I've pretty much sworn not to vote for another Republican (and I've never in my life voted for a Democrat), Brian is the real deal as far as limited, Constitutional government goes. I've seen him speak and have met with him; he and I are on the same page about the direction this country needs to go. You can go to his campaign website here.

The video below shows exactly what he is up against with the dishonest tactics of former Washington, Missouri Mayor Dick Stratman. Push polling is part of politics and its use is widespread. The only way to combat it is to expose it, so I hope I can do my part with this post.

If you live in the 26th here in Missouri get out on August 3rd and vote for Brian Nieves. The local T.E.A. Party supports him and so do I.

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