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I'm posting this because American Catholics need to be reminded, or in some cases hear for the first time, that Communion in the hand and eating meat on Fridays are not the norms. Both are exceptions to the laws of the Church. We are still supposed to take Communion on the tongue and abstain from meat on Fridays. Those are the universal laws of the Church.

Just like so many other things, we've taken the exceptions and made them the rules. As the Church splits here in America I believe one of the signs that this is happening will be that Rome will require the exceptions to be done away with. Many won't accept this return to traditional Catholicism and will move to form their own church. I believe the current Pope was chosen to lead the Church back to its future and cleanse it of the abuses foisted upon it by the agents of evil that have slithered their way in over the past fifty years.

There's going to be a lot of unhappy "Catholics" in America in the very near future.

"Americans have the option of receiving the Holy Eucharist on the tongue or in the hand. The Vatican granted us the option of receiving on the hand in 1977. This was accomplished by an indult, a lifting of the law, so we may receive either way, on the tongue or in the hand. The indult was granted because the American Bishops told the Vatican that their parishioners were clamoring for it. “We can feed ourselves” was one of the specious arguments put forward.

...The universal Church law, which requires Holy Eucharist to be distributed to the faithful on their tongues, remains in force; it remains the law. However the indult has the effect of making the law inapplicable where in force.

Foreseeing the demand for the indult coming, the Sacred Office for Divine Worship sent a letter to the presidents of the bishops’ conferences to advise them how they may implement this option if granted. The letter spoke about reverence for the Holy Eucharist being the number one priority. With this in mind, the letter went into great detail trying to explain this crucial concern. The letter contained the following specifics.

Communion on the hand is an option; it is not the primary way of receiving. Catholics must be catechized to understand this important point. No one is to be forced to receive on the hand.

When receiving the Body of Christ on the hand, the faithful must be aware of the fact that each and every particle, no matter how small, is truly the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Therefore no particle should ever be discarded or treated with less than total respect due to the Body of Christ.

The faithful must also be reminded that their hands must be clean to receive our Lord, Jesus Christ."
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  1. "There's going to be a lot of unhappy 'Catholics' in America in the very near future."

    GOOD! I hope there are. About freakin' time.

    Now that being said, the priest at my parish as the beginnings of Alheimer's and he sometimes misses the mouth, so receiving on the hand is necessary. But the indult was for circumstances like that. It wasn't for the specious and ridiculous argument that "I can feed myself." As an alcoholic I have first hand experience in feeding myself. I get freakin' drunk! That's what happens when I feed myself. I am INCAPABLE of feeding myself. That's why we have Holy Mother Church! Arrrggghhh!!!!! This is SOOOOO simple!