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Today at 9:41am
Christiane Batson

It's time to start calling it as you see them, people. I believe that our President is a Marxist, disguised as a democrat. Our Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is a Communist, disguised as a democrat. And you can go down the line, even with Republicans. Most of the politicians and lobbyists up there are SOCIALISTS. Quit hyjacking liberal, progressive, and democrat labels to refer to them. They are just words to hide the real truth underneath, as they are Marxists/Communists/Socialists. Pay attn to the groups and people that they associate with, it's true. Look it up for yourselves.

These people aren't interested in defending us, as they are looking to soften the sanctions on Iran (check out the article about it in the Washington Times). WHY?? That country wants to "wipe Israel off the map." They are constantly saying "death to Americans." Do we really want them to have the ability to follow through? Does that make sense?? I understand that some people believe that each nation should be able to have the right to have nuclear weapons. I happen to disagree, when that country is A THREAT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. The radicals that are in charge of that government are wanting to instigate the END OF THE WORLD. They are looking to actually start Armageddon. Again, DO WE REALLY WANT THAT????!!!! I, for one, DO NOT!

Their true objective: they are interested in "re-distributing the wealth" around the world (while pocketing a hefty amount at the same time). aka: stealing from us to give to other countries and line their pockets. How, you ask, could they really get away with that?? Cap and Trade is the SCAM that they are going to use to do it. They are trying to convince us that we need to buy the air in other countries in order to "save the planet." How is Cap and Trade really going to "save the planet?" There will still be the SAME EMISSIONS, it just COSTS more.

So, where is the money going, you might be asking?? Chicago's (currently voluntary) CCX. It is the Carbon exchange market that will be flooded with money (the CEO forecasts that it could be a $10 TRILLION market) after Cap and Trade passes. It turns a currently voluntary system (you have the choice) to a MANDATORY system (you have no choice). Why is that so bad, you might ask?? Well, let's see who the people are behind it. Our esteemed President, along with Valarie Jarrett, funneled money from the Joyce Foundation to the CCX, which funded establishing the exchange. They did this while in Chicago's notoriously corrupt political system. That gives our President, and his "closest advisor," a stake in that exchange.

Who else might be investors in the exchange? Goldman Sachs. WOW, they are getting grilled by congress at the moment, to put "financial reform" out front. HMMM... who else?? Oh yeah, a British Company that happens to have our former VP, and current "Global Warming" alarmist, Al Gore. That might not be surprising to you, but the next one might.... FANNIE MAE. Why Fannie Mae? They bought the technology that makes running the exchange (remember, we're buying air) possible. Why did Fannie buy that technology, since they are supposed to be about mortgages? Look into that. Fannie and Freddie were MORE RESPONSIBLE for the bundling of the mortgages that lead to the housing collapse. WHY AREN'T THOSE CEO'S BEING GRILLED? Just a question....

Keep following the money trail, and it all leads back to the same set of people that are currently high up in these groups: Apollo Alliance, AFL-CIO, SEIU, The New Party (they actually endorsed President Obama-- go read about them. WOW), ACORN, Emerald Cities, Enterprise... the list goes on. They have the same people in common: President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, George Soros, and other marxist/communist/socialists.

WHY ISN'T THIS ALL OVER THE NEWS? These people are actually setting up a Mafia style government to suck us all dry, and the media is ALLOWING it to go unchecked. Check out the facts about this. It truly is amazing how it all ties together. By focusing on the more divisive issues, they are keeping your eyes off the bigger picture.

So, like I said in the beginning of this, TIME TO CALL THEM AS YOU SEE THEM. Don't be afraid to point out the truth. The democratic party, once a true blue American party, has been hyjacked by Marxists/communists/socialists. The republican party, that once stood on fiscal responsibility and our founding principles, has also seen an invasion of the same. That is why you feel like you're not getting much of a choice at the polls. Different parties, SAME SOCIALIST POSITIONS. They want that, so it doesn't matter which party wins.... THEY ARE STILL IN CONTROL. Congress is no longer our police against the bad guys, THEY HAVE BECOME THE BAD GUYS THEMSELVES. That is why you feel that there is nothing you can do about it.

Got news for you, though. There is something you can do about it. GET INFORMED before you go to the polls. Don't vote them in. Make them fear the thought of being exposed for what they are. Any Marxist/communist/socialist knows that the American people will reject them if they are out in the open. We have the concept of freedom born into us, but they have been leading us astray. Call them what they are, not what they want to be called. You can't make an educated, smart, informed decision UNLESS YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.

I know that there are some of my friends that may be tired of my rants and posts on the government. I'm truly sorry if it bothers you, but I feel like my country is going down in flames... and no one is listening to me call "FIRE!!!" I'm not asking you to just believe me, I'm asking for you to actually look for the facts so you can decide for yourself. Some may believe that socialism is the way to go. If so, it makes me sad. ONLY because you are willing, and willing for your kids and grandkids, to give up your God given rights and freedoms granted from our Constitution. Socialism is SLAVERY to the government. Freedom is knowing that we are all EQUAL to our government.

I'm praying for our future, and the future of our children. I hope that our country chooses freedom over slavery."
Missouri Political News Service

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