Monday, December 14, 2009


Read the entire article that this links to. I think it is important that people understand what is coming. It is coming with mathematical certainty. There are only two ways out for America; default and collapse or hyperinflate and collapse. This is the plain and simple truth. We can never pay the debt and shortly will not be able to service the interest. The Medicare and Social Security systems are about to be completely overwhelmed as the Baby Boomers retire. There are not enough people working to carry this load. Washington and Wall Street are doing whatever they can to suck every last bit of wealth out of the system before the turn off the lights and close the door. The middle/working class has already seen jobs disappear forever and the middle class/white collar employees are next.

Pray for guidance and prepare as prudently and quickly as you can. This process will accelerate quickly and supplies will become scarce rapidly. We are crossing into uncharted waters. This will be similar to what happened in Argentina with the extra added fun of taking the rest of the world down with us. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

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