Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Based on this childish reaction to a perceived slight I would say Father Ward was justified in calling this group a kindergarten. Their true colors are showing. I imagine Father listens to no end of whining from these people over the slightest little things.

Oh, and by the way, this is where political correctness and progressive policies lead. Father Ward is on trial; for speaking his mind.

"The priest in charge of chaplains at St. Boniface General Hospital says he meant no harm when he called the spiritual care department "a kindergarten."

"It was a light-hearted comment and no attempt at being derogatory," said Father Gerry Ward on Monday, the first day of his cross-examination at a labour arbitration hearing.

He is accused of harassment, verbal abuse and bullying by three of his employees — a Catholic nun, a priest and a non-denominational minister.

Ward told the lawyer representing the three members of the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals that he called his 20-chaplain department a kindergarten but meant no harm. He said he'd ask his assistant, "How are all the kids doing?"

"Is calling people working in your department a kindergarten condescending?" Jake Giesbrecht, the union lawyer asked.

"It was never meant that way," Ward responded.

He acknowledged that he never asked people how they felt about being referred to as the kindergarten."

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