Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Blaze is reporting that #OWS protestors in Santa Cruz, part of Occupy Santa Cruz, were not allowed to close their accounts at Bank of America. The reason given by the bank was that because they were protesters they could not at the same time be customers. Really?

I understand that there is a push among the protesters to get people to withdraw their money from the big banks and put it into local Credit Unions. And I also think that there is more to this than just a simple act of protest. I think that the intent of protest organizers is to cause a collapse of the banking system with the intent of bringing down the entire financial system in America and then the world.

But, if a protester has money in a bank then he should be able to withdraw it any time he wants. It's his money - his property. The bank is merely providing a service to the property owner. It doesn't have any control over the property.

I can understand a bank asking to have a bit of advance notice for really large withdrawals but they ought'a make that clear up front. Outside of that, hand over the property to the property owner.

I'm also curious about the legal foundation that the police are standing on when they back the bank up. I mean, if I had my car parked in a private pay lot and the owner of the lot refused to give it to me because he didn't like the way I looked would the police deny me my property rights there, too?

I'm opposed to these protests for many, many reasons but I'm also opposed to the violation of basic natural law rights. Further, I think that it's a great idea to pull all of your money from these giant banks and move it to your local credit union or locally owned bank. I think that we should be doing all we can do to move from global to local.

And that's the glaring contradiction that I see in these protests. They say one thing yet lead to another. They preach localism and then turn around and protest in favor of policies and beliefs that will have the affect of transferring power away from the individual and to the state, policies such as universal healthcare, housing and college tuition.

I think that most of the protesters, while they may have what they consider to be good intentions, are in reality useful idiots being manipulated by larger forces that in the end will turn on them and drive them and us into slavery.


  1. My only comment:

    Keep up the good work.


  2. "I think that the intent of protest organizers is to cause a collapse of the banking system with the intent of bringing down the entire financial system in America and then the world."

    Oh come now. It's just democrats being democrats. The key is in this sentence:

    "I understand that there is a push among the protesters to get people to withdraw their money from the big banks and put it into local Credit Unions."

    Democrats in bed with all these mob-owned credit unions is hardly news. Of course they want your money. A good deal of it could be in offshore banks, and yes, that could have a very negative effect on the economy, but that's a bi-product of them wanting to get their hands on your money. It's certainly not that they want to destroy the economy since they depend on it for a living too. They're being stupid--not traitorous.

  3. This transcends Democrat/Republican. Hell, they both have their fingers in the pie with the S&L's and the mob. That's just politics as usual.

    I'm just taking the protesters at their word. I've seen interview after interview with people associated with #OWS that want to destroy capitalism, shut down Wall Street, hang bankers and on and on.

    Now, I agree that this will come back to bite all these children of privilege, the ones that have mommy and daddy paying the college bills while they're out humpin' in the street. But they don't seem to understand what they're supporting. Even the ones that keep talking about how terrible it is that their parents are going to be on the hook for all this debt (because they co-signed) don't seem to understand that bringing down the banking system will bring down their parents.

    Personally, I think that the banking system needs to be, if not brought down, then at least brought to justice. If we don't let the market place work and force these banks to eat the bad debt then we'll never get out of the problems we're in. We can't keep writing checks with money we're borrowing from future generations just to keep Jamie Dimon in caviar.

  4. Bailing out banks and other "too big to fail" institutions was certainly a bad idea. They should be left to stand or fall on their own. The problem with these OWS people is that they're convinced that every major bank in the world is owned by Jews, and that these Jews have some kind of conspiracy toward world domination. They've bought into a load of BS pure and simple. Jews have the highest average IQ in the world, and they seem to have a God-given talent for making a buck. (CS Lewis said something about that once and how it was a good thing for them--I'll have to go and look it up.) It's only natural they would be involved with big businesses and banking. There's no conspiracy. It's simply what they're good at. The worst outcome from all this OWS stuff is that it's propigating a nation of Jew hating loonies.

  5. We'll have to agree to disagree on the conspiracy thing, though I wouldn't say conspiracy, more like a number of long term plans aimed at taking down America, designed by various groups, finding a point of convergence, one of those "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" kind of things. The Jews are just being used, yet once again, as a convenient scapegoat. Except for the radical Jihadists that are involved in this. For them it's personal.

  6. I would agree that big businesses are always looking for a way to gain more leverage in the marketplace, thus forming aliances with other buiness owners that could do each other some good (often at the detriment of others). But when people start seeing all kinds of imaginary conspiracies i.e. Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations etc., they've stepped out of reality.

    Remember a couple of years ago when these same crackpots were railing about how Bush was gonna put us all in FEMA death camps? Such hokem doesn't deserve to be repeated, but it's nonsense like that which is going to derail the country, not because it's true, but because people get suckered into thinking it is and react rashly.

    Certain people bought into the FEMA death camp thing hook line and sinker. There even used to be a webpage up where over 300 of these so-called camps were located around the country. Two of them were in, or near, St. Louis. One of them was a rundown school on the outskirts of Scott Field, and that's all in the world it is--a rundown school. The other is part of the Destrehan Street Plant. One of my best friends works there and laughed herself silly when I told her about it. The building they were referring to is just a storage facility. I've been by it several times. There's nothing in there right now at all, and FEMA does NOT own it in any way. There was another, possibly the most talked about of these supposed camps, in Indiana. It was an old train station that they said was turned into a FEMA camp. Not true. My cousins live near there and will tell you that it's owned by a company that restores old train cars and sells them.

    People will believe just about anything if you get enough beer in them.

  7. Not so sure about the death camp thing because I've never seen any real proof they exist. On the other hand I've seen lot's, like the things you've said above, that blow all kinds of holes in the stories.

    As far as #OWS goes there is enough, more than enough, evidence of who and what is behind this thing. It's mostly Marxist (China has come out in support, the Communist Party USA supports it, many of the supporters on site are spouting Marxist slogans, the unions are supporting it heavily), Islamic (Iran supports it, the Muslim Brotherhood supports it, all the references to Tahrir Square), and Progressive (Soros, Working Families Party, Tides, Apollo and so forth), not to mention the Socialist fringe like the American Nazi Party. These aren't theories, these are reality - provable reality.

    Other things to consider: if this is just some organic protest made up of goofy college kids how were they able to afford to publish, on newsprint and in color, a newspaper two weeks into the protest with a circulation of 70,000 copies. I used to be in the printing business. This took a bunch of money and some real effort. It also didn't happen in two weeks. It was already in the works. How is it that we are now seeing other protests around the world last weekend that are supposedly, again, just growing organically from #OWS? This took organization. And not just a bunch of happy go lucky college stoners. How did the unions get so involved so quickly? I say that they are part of the organizing of this entire protest charade. After all, it's what they do. Look at the connections between Zuccotti Park, Mayor Bloomberg, his girlfriend, Brookfield (the company that owns the park), green loans they received from the administration, the energy company that they own and Biden's son. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Oh, and did I forget to mention that George Soros and John Podesta are messed up in it , too?

    I may be wrong, I often am, but this isn't one of the run of the mill internet conspiracy stories. There is organization behind these protests and corruption that reaches the highest levels. Our long time enemies are working together against us.

    And I believe this is just the beginning.

    Speaking of beer, if you're ever coming over to this side of the river you ought'a stop by and have a few.

  8. You make some good points as usual. Some of it I'll have to chew on in coming weeks while we see what brews. As far as communist and marxist support etc., can't we say that they were bound to? Of course they're going to support this movement. That doesn't mean they were behind it. Could Soros have funded some of this? That would suprise no one. However, I would again caution that Soros would be hurt by a banking collapse as much as anyone. So while such a collapse could come about at some point, I doubt very much that this is his, or anyone else's, goal.

    What I think is going on primarily is some people doing their best to start a political organization that at least appears to be grassroots (though it may well have been started by Soros et. al.) to compete with the Tea Party. What better time to do this than before an election in which the democrats look to be sure losers in the white house run? You don't win elections in this country by stating your own political goals and agendas anymore. You win it by sowing discord in your opponent's abilities.

    For some silly reason liberals have gotten it into their heads that big businesses are evil and almost entirely owned by republicans. If you really want to stop this OWS thing, the best way to do it is to prove just how wrong those assumptions are, and that, not only are just as many big businesses owned by democrats, but that they're among the dirtiest around.

    I don't drink booze. I'm trying to get rid of my Santa Clause wasteline and Baby Huey butt. Put a pot of coffee on instead. In fact, I'm gonna drink some now in your honor sir.

  9. Coffee it'll be!

    You're right, the only way we'll ever know what really went on is in hindsight. And you're also right about there being some natural bedfellows here. It's the unnatural ones that concern me. It's the Muslims and the Communists coming together...with the Nazis? OK, I can see the Nazi-Muslim connection. It was the Nazi party, after all, that laid a good deal of the groundwork for the Muslim Brotherhood and the modern version of Jihad. But China? And now the administration is jumping in with both feet, too. And then there's all the ultra Progressive groups.

    The only common thread that I can find between them is their shared hatred of our way of life. Again, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I suspect that, just like the Communists and National Socialists in WWII, they'll eventually turn on each other. But before they do I think they and this movement pose a clear and present danger.

    But, I could always be wrong. Just ask my wife next time you guys talk.

  10. That's one thing I'll say about your wife. She only says good things about you. Which makes me afraid to drink your coffee.... ;-)