Sunday, April 17, 2011



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  1. Ah nut-picking, so much easier than dealing with substance. Shall I post clips of racist Teabbagers shouting for Obama's birth certificate? How about some sovereign citizens explaining their rather unique take on the Constitution? Oh I know, Fred Phelps and some other crazy theists talking about what's really on your god's mind.

    Try harder is what I'm saying I guess.

  2. OK, I'll bite. Send me your clips of any Tea Party events with overt racism, calls for violence, homosexual slurs or just plain bad behavior coming from the Tea Party members like that coming from the left in the clips above. Asking for a birth certificate doesn't make one racist. And there's no explaining Phelps. Somewhere on the blog I posted about him. I'll have to find it. He's a right wing nut just like the guys in the videos are left wing nuts.

  3. I bet he can't come up with clips..... Get any yet?

  4. Not yet. As soon as Salvage gets them to me I'll post 'em in a head to head battle of ugliness. And the winner is...

  5. Wow, really? You don't know about the racist Tea Party strain? Of course they're not all racists, some are just plain old wingnuts who hate anything that is Democratic cuz Rush went and told 'em to.

    But they're there none the less, the Stuffed Monkey guy is one of my faves but they're gigs to choose from:

    Before I talk about Phelps I will need to know your position on homosexuality and what you would do if say your male child came out of the closest as gay.

    Of course I can guess and extrapolate but I don't want to make any assumptions before I launch into a tirade, You've called me on that sort of thing and were quite correct to do so.

  6. I'll post the video tomorrow after I have time to look at it. It's been a long day at work, I'm gettin' old and I don't even want to go into the goat problems I've had.

    As to the question you've posed:

    My son is aware of my beliefs regarding homosexuality but I'd ask him if he needed any clarification. I agree with the Catholic Church so if you have any questions about what I believe look there.

    This is pretty straight forward. We all struggle with desires or inclinations towards things that are wrong. I would tell him to do his best to fight against involving himself in homosexual activity. I understand what this is asking because I know that it would be extremely difficult.

    He's an adult so really beyond this it's up to him.

    I'm not going to disown him or anything else - he's my son and we'll deal with this as a family. Family is all any of us have.

    I really do believe that I'm supposed to love the sinner - hate the sin. I don't have any problem with homosexuals as far as friendship or anything else. I do believe that what they're doing, if they are involved in the homosexual life, is wrong but it's their choice and they'll suffer the consequences. Just don't try to force me to accept it as just another life choice comparable to any other because it's not.

    And Phelps is insane.

    I think that maybe we've found something we can both agree on.

  7. Yours is another sane answer to an insane man (or woman - we don't know which yet).

  8. Well that's pretty much what I expected.

    While Fred Phelps is crazier than you, you still share much of the same delusion. He of course has a personality disorder that makes him express it in a manner than current society finds distasteful.

    Believe me, there were places and ages when he would have felt right at home, just swap fags for Jews or Catholics or Protestants or Muslims or witches or... well you get the idea.

    You both believe the same thing you just choose to ignore the killing fags bit and focus more on denying them status in society as punishment and insist that they feel shame for who they are.

    It's essentially a form of bigotry and while you choose the milder form it doesn't change the fact that you, like Phelps, clearly hate fags as your god commands you to.

    Phelps, He reads the same Bible you do no? And it clearly says not once but twice that being gay is a crime punishable by death.

    Which is weird, your god demanding death because theoretically it could kill anyone at anytime any way, why it needs mortals for a task that it's perfectly suited to is certainly strange and mysterious. I guess the Angel of Death is only for babies.

    No, it's not a choice. I know you need to believe that delusion otherwise it looks like your god makes gays to burn and that'd be crazy! So you think that people wake up one day and think, yes! I like to have sex with men and that is simply not true. They are "made" gay as you and I are "made" straight, as with everything in the human experience DNA rules. They cannot be "cured" of their desire either, that's as insane as anything Phelps thinks.

    The reality is of course that there are no such things as anyone-hating gods (if a god hated something, truly, it wouldn't exist in his creation, that's just sensible) you and Fred just don't like gays because they are different and that disturbs, frightens and angers you and your superstitions give you leave to feel that way.

    Sort of how they used the Bible to justify slavery back in the day, of course the Abolition Movement also justified their position the exact same way. Its neat how religion is like a Swiss Army Knife; whatever tool you need it's there.