Sunday, April 10, 2011


I saw this over on The Blaze and it's really cool and all, kind'a Buck Rogers meets Capt. Ahab. It's great than we've got laser weapons and that they can catch an idling boat on fire.

But this is the thing that really impressed me. To make that boat idle they've got $40,000 worth of outboard engines hanging off the back of it. Why not grab an old '65 Evinrude or something? And who knows how much the boat itself is worth. Again, don't they have some old piece of crap laying around the boatyard they could'a strapped the Evinrude to?

And yet, the
Path To Prosperity presented by the Republicans last week takes a gentle approach when it comes to the military. Is it any wonder that a bunch of us out here think that the GOP is a bit less than serious about reducing the size of government? We agree that all entitlements have to be addressed. We know that all of us will feel considerable pain.

And we'd be more likely to keep a stiff upper lip about it if we didn't have to watch the navy burn up well in excess of $60,000 worth of boat when they could've proved the same point with a $1,000 junker.

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  1. Why not float a raft with a couple of gas tanks on it and sell the expensive boat and motors? Since it was idle, they didn't seem to need the motors.