Saturday, April 23, 2011


The thing that really interests me in this video is how Van Susteren reacts to West's straight forward speaking. She's not as concerned about whether what he says is the true but rather how what he says may be offensive or impolitic.

Look, agree with someone or disagree, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that everyone in the conversation speak as clearly and directly as they can about what they understand to be the truth. How can we ever work together for the common good when we can't honestly address our differences?

I really like Allen West. I've read a lot about his background and the problems he ran into in the military that resulted in his retirement and I believe that he acted honestly, directly and with honor. His most glaring drawback, at least in my opinion, is his lack of oratorical polish and the flash that so many base their election decisions on. But, I think that he'd make a damned fine President some day.

How refreshing would it to have someone that speaks directly sitting in the Oval Office? I believe that Americans of all political agendas really just want to know the truth so we can get out of this mess.

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