Friday, April 22, 2011


I saw this video at the Missouri Political News Service this morning and thought that it deserved further comment:

This billboard made a statement that the left didn't agree with. So, what was their response? TEAR IT DOWN! No conversation - no tolerance. Just destruction. Just raw, unbridled emotion.

This billboard was put up by
Missouri Right to Life and it claimed that 37% of Missouri's abortions are performed on African Americans, a group which comprises only 12% of the state population.

According to the numbers supplied by the
Missouri Dept. of Health the 37% number looks about right. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation the 12% of the population number looks pretty close, too. So, what's the problem?

Well, according to the lady in the video the problem is racism and that somehow this statistic was yanked from the middle of some weird conversation down at the local klavern.

In reality the real problem with the billboard is that it's factually correct and the groups on the left that support this murder of black babies would rather see the truth destroyed than face it. Here's some more statistics on blacks and abortions that are published on the
That's Abortion website, one of the links provided on the billboard:

More African American babies have been killed by abortions since 1973 than the total number of African American deaths from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined.
Approximate number of African American deaths since 1973:

Abortion: 13+ Million
Heart Disease: 2.26 Million
Cancer: 1.64 Million
Accidents: 307,723 Violent Crimes: 306,313 AIDS: 203,649
Source: Based on cumulative statistics provided by the US center for Disease Control; accessed at:

An African American baby is three times more likely to be aborted
than a white baby.

Today, African Americans account for 12.8% of the American population, but African American women receive 35% of all abortions.
Source: 2010 US Census Data
CDC Abortion Surveillance Report 11/26/04

Of the approximately 4,000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1,452 of them take the lives of African American children.
Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Whether you support abortion or think it's murder shouldn't we at least agree that we need the facts to make a decision? Why are the abortion apologists so afraid of the truth and why are they so intent on hiding it? If abortion is a good thing don't you think that they'd be proud to show just how effective it's been in the black community at achieving the goals of Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood?


  1. Why are abortionistsd afraid of the truth? Because abortionists are murderers and murderers cannot tell the truth. They must lie for their murdering stems from lies. An abortionist cannot agree on the facts because the facts say that an unborn person lives in the womb and an abortionist has to deny that fact. They are in league with Satan who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. One cannot have dialogue with the forces of Satan or his minions. The intolerance of abortionists to freedom of speech that disagrees with their stated position demonstrates that.

  2. I know you don't understand this but when you say "BLACK PEOPLE BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" it's racist.

    What you need to say is "PEOPLE BLAH BLAH BLAH" cuz Blacks? They're people.

    And one of the reasons why there are higher abortion rates in one community than another is a combination of poverty and ignorance like in many of the Southern United States.

    By a staggering coincidence those communities are often highly religious too.

    Being poor and stupid often leads to poor and stupid choices like god worship and abortion.

    At any rate your god murdered babies all the time so why should he have all the fun?

    In the Bible he murdered babies in their cribs for the crime of their parent's tyrant (why not murder the Pharaoh and his men?) to how many millions of babies in The Flood? Soddom and Gomorah had how many babies I wonder? I know, they would have grown up to be gays so they deserved to burn.

    And today we have millions of still-births every year and there would be even more dead babies and mothers to be if it weren't for science and medicine. Why didn't Jesus do anything about that? Too busy walking on water and turning water into wine and working other useless miracles I guess. He feeds a wedding party while whole nations starved! What a guy!

    Starting a cult of mid-wives who understood hygiene and the Lamaze Method would have been far more practical than the mess of corruption he left behind. How many diseases has the Vatican cured over the last 1,700 years again?

  3. When I say black people I mean black people. You probably don't know this but the neighborhood this billboard was erected in is on the near North Side of St. Louis and it is predominately black. The sign was aimed at the black people in the black neighborhood.

    Because I'm not a racist I can talk about race without any sense of unease, but this seems to be virtually impossible for you. Why?

    Also, the point of the sign is to begin a conversation about abortions and blacks. Blacks account for more abortions per person than any other race in this country. Look it up. Does economics play a part? Perhaps. Does culture play a part? Perhaps, though in my experience most blacks are pretty religious and not prone to endorsing abortion. I've worked in enough poor, black neighborhoods over many years as a carpenter and talked to enough people in them to be pretty confident of this.

    The truth is that Planned Parenthood has placed abortion facilities in black neighborhoods with much greater frequency than white neighborhoods. And they sell their services aggressively to the people in those neighborhoods. The reasons for this go all the way back to Margaret Sanger and her eugenicist beliefs. She wanted to stop "inferiors" from reproducing. Look it up, it's well documented. The Nazis even used her work in forming the ideas that led to the Final Solution. Again, look it up.

    This sign was torn down by people that will not allow dissent from their orthodoxy. Instead of answering the questions raised by the sign they misdirect emotions by raising the specter of racism. Everything the sign says is true. And they know it, thus the tactic of distraction. And you're doing the same thing! Instead of addressing the issue you try to steer away from it by launching into yet another tiresome tirade against the Church.

    This sign and this discussion has nothing to do with the Catholic Church but you are so blinded by your prejudices and biases that you can't get that out of your mind.

    Divorce yourself from your emotions and try to use the reason God gave you.

  4. No, I know where the board was put up, that just added to the offence and the condensation of the whole message.

    America was once in the business of planned cultural genocide, the Vatican started wars with the express purpose of the same. And no, PP is not into destroy the Black race, that's what Black Enterainment Television is for. Ford was a vicious anti-Semite yet I know a few Jews who have bought them, why even a few that buy German!

    Or have you truly not noticed things have changed?

    Furthermore Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortion than any god bothering and bead shaking your kind have done.

    I know as a theist your vision must always be set to the tightest of tunnels but PP does birth control, that it the prevention of unwanted pregnancies which means no abortion.

    That's why they're in poor neighbourhoods, to get them birth control so there are less abortions.

    I know, I know, as far as your concerned the pill if just abortion at the smallest of levels but that of course is silly. Please don't bring it up or I will mock you for your lack of understanding of basic biology i.e. sperm is not sacred and a woman doesn't "murder" her egg every month.

    The real cure to abortion is sex education from grades 7 to high school and free and easy access to birth control.

    I know, I know, unmarried people having sex not to spawn but because it's an enjoyable part of human existence enrages your sky god to no end but since he isn't actually, y'know, real? that not much of an argument against orgasms.

    PS I love how you say "torn down" such dramatic hyperbole! Like a rampaging mod of Black hating Planned Parenters ripped it down and then started handing out coupons to all the Blacks that gives them a free bucket of chicken with every third abortion.

  5. At least you're consistent in your inability to go more than just a very few lines without again attacking the Church as a way to misdirect from my statements about Sanger and Planned Parenthood. Again, look up what I've said and check the facts.

    Just for a moment, consider this. If, as I have said, the goal of Planned Parenthood is to reduce the number of blacks and others for reasons of racist eugenics don't you think that offering birth control would be a fairly effective way of doing it? Cheaper than abortions, less controversial and a way better return on investment.

    Oh, and I said torn town because if you'll note, in the last frames of the video, the sign is shown ripped to pieces and substantially removed from the billboard and a child is shown standing on what's left of the sign as it lays on the ground. "Torn down" is hyperbole? Look's like plain old truth to me. Perhaps you're just too blinded by irrational hatred and bigotry to see it.

  6. You bring up an aspect of Planned Parenthood's founding that is rather unsavoury and I point out that the organizations you currently support have likewise chequered past and you call that "misdirection"?

    It's not, it's making the point that that was then and this is now. To accuse Planned Parenthood of eugenics is akin to accusing America of throwing disease soaked blankets at Natives or the Vatican of blessing the raping and pillaging of Jerusalem.

    >Just for a moment, consider this. If, as I have said, the goal of Planned Parenthood is to reduce the number of blacks

    Hmm, consider that Planned Parenthood is some sort of KKK Nazi secret society that is trying to destroy an entire people? No, I don't think that's something that my sane, paranoia-free, reality-based brain can consider because it's clearly and obviously not true. Planned Parenthood exists to give women freedom of their reproductive choices, race isn't an issue. What is an issue is the connection between poverty and having too many kids. See India for an example or are they lucky over there to have so many children that they have spares so when they're killed in sweatshops a replacement is right there?


    That's how signs are removed by the companies that post them... they're pasted up and then "scraped" off and they're removed when the owners of the billboard say so, like when they sell the space to an offensive ad as this one clearly is.

    It's cute the way you skip over the whole birth control is the cure for abortion argument in favor of such petty points.

    Tell me, if you have a daughter what would you rather she have? Birth control or an abortion? I know, I know, she'll never have sex before she's married, nope, not one Catholic girl has ever had pre-marital relations so this is in all hypothetical of course but make like a Pope and indulge me, only one choice, the pill or the abortion, which?

  7. I haven't skipped over the birth control/abortion discussion. I just don't want to have it right now. I'm trying to focus on a problem that I see on both sides, but mostly on the left, of not facing an argument squarely and fighting it on it's own merits but creating straw men, such as the racist crap above, to distract.

    Also, my daughter was 18, had dropped out of school and moved in with her boyfriend when she became pregnant. The night she told her mother and I that she was pregnant we advised her not to get married to her boyfriend for a variety of reasons, none of which I'm going to go into in public. We told her we would do whatever we needed to do to make sure that she could raise her child and get an education and get on with life, all of which we've done. My granddaughter, now 6 years old and in kindergarten, is my best buddy and chief chicken watcher and I thank God that my daughter didn't use birth control or get an abortion.

    This isn't to say that I'm glad that my daughter has to struggle as she does to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads but I'm damned proud that she does. She was on a path to destruction before she got pregnant. It was the birth of her daughter that turned her life around.

    We had reached a point with our daughter that had become nearly, if not completely, untenable. I could see the path she was taking because I'd been on it and so had most of the people I grew up with. But she was young and filled with the arrogance of youth so she wouldn't listen to me or my wife.

    I prayed to the Virgin Mary and asked her to take over, to save my daughter, to turn her life around. Two weeks later we learned she was pregnant. And her life turned.

    I know that you don't believe and that's up to you. I do. Not just because of what someone's told me or what I've read, though those are all part of it. I believe because I've had too many things like this happen to me over they years. So many answered prayers that I can find no other explanation for them besides divine intervention.

  8. >such as the racist crap above, to distract.

    Um, yeah, that's kinda part of the story? The fact that the ad was intrinsically racist and that's why it was removed?

    Then you went on to accuses PP of being some sort of KKK front bent on the destruction of a whole community based on race.

    So, no, not a distraction but a point.

    Your daughter made a choice and it worked out, good for her and for you family but you do understand that not everyone is the same and as such make different choices right?

    At any rate, that's not the question I asked so I'll boil it down to one or another, what's the better choice? Abortion or birth control?

    And your daughter wasn't "filled with the arrogance of youth" she was in the thrall of a biological impulse that's about 3 billion years old; reproduction. No, it's not Satan, it's how we as a species went from single cells to lizards to mammals and now us; endless shuffling of genes through sex.

    And prayer, one of the sillier things theists do. Tell me does your god sit up there, observing everything and only intervening when the begging to do so pleases it? So if you hadn't pleaded to Mary for assistance would she have let something horrible happen to your daughter?

    I think what happened was your daughter understood on a biological level that her life was no longer her own that she now had the most awesome responsibility any one of us will ever have and matured accordingly (not me, thank Jebus but still). It's one of our little dramas that happens the world over and will continue on forever and ever.

    Which is cool.

    Now, you say "my daughter didn't use birth control or get an abortion." because you now have a stable daughter, a larger family and a grandchild to dote on which is also cool.

    Are you also glad she had sex?

  9. Both abortion and birth control are both bad so you're asking me to choose the lesser of two evils, which I will do. Just realize that my choosing does not constitute endorsement. Birth control is less evil because it is sin at a personal level, between the birth control user and God. Abortion, on the other hand, infringes on the right to life of the unborn, compounding and increasing the sin.

    I am opposed to the use of birth control for religious reasons. However, I am not opposed to the availability of birth control for those that don't believe as I do, though I do believe the world would be better off without them for a variety of reasons, all based on Church teaching so if you want to understand them look 'em up. All this is said with the caveat that abortifacient birth control, because it kills the child, should be illegal.

    We live in a free society and as long as the things you choose to do do not impact others then knock yourself out.

    My daughter was filled with the arrogance of youth and she still is, just to a lesser extent. We all are when we're young. Life tends to change the way we think as we age because we have more experience.

    I'm not glad that my daughter became pregnant but I am glad that the pregnancy changed her for the positive and I love her and my granddaughter. Had I never known my granddaughter I wouldn't know what I'm missing but now that I do I wouldn't want to lose her.

    You asked this question above:

    "Or have you truly not noticed things have changed?"

    I have. Now my question for you is this; have you? Just wondering since you're always using the past to justify your hatred of the Church today.

    P.S. Thanks for being a thorn in my side. Just as you've experienced with people on the right, my experience with people on the left is that they always seem to get pissed and block me. I don't get it. :)

  10. >Both abortion and birth control are both bad so you're asking me to choose the lesser of two evils,

    Now I can see the argument for abortion being bad but why is birth control bad?

    >on the right to life of the unborn, compounding and increasing the sin.

    I guess you missed the bit about how there are two million still births a year worldwide (science is working on solutions btw, what's your god doing?) and countless other miscarriages so if killing babies is a sin doesn't that make your god the biggest sinner in the universe?

    >However, I am not opposed to the availability of birth control for those that don't believe as I do,

    AHAHAHAH! How magnanimous of you! It's almost like you believe in freedom!

    >Church teaching so if you want to understand them look 'em up.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I won't because there's precious few church teaching that make a whole lot of sense, doubly so when concerned with sex, that seems to drive Bible thumpers even crazier.

    >All this is said with the caveat that abortifacient birth control, because it kills the child, should be illegal.

    Ah yes, Plan B which is certainly an abortion and suddenly you're deciding what pills a woman can take!

    What if she takes Plan B before intercourse?

  11. >We live in a free society and as long as the things you choose to do do not impact others then knock yourself out.

    Abortion only affects the mother so what's your problem with it then? Oh please don't say the fetus has rights or lives in our society, it does not, it lives in a woman's uterus.

    >have you? Just wondering since you're always using the past to justify your hatred of the Church today.

    Ya mean the Church that right up until this very decade was actively protecting child rapists? Gosh, why would I hate an organization that prized its reputation over the health and safety of children? Why would I hate a Pope that was a) a Nazi and b) wrote an edict that declared if any of the victims ratted out the raping priests they would be excommunicated and then sent to Hell.

    Yeah, that's it's a real mystery why the Vatican is hated, maybe one day you can solve it.


    Which I can only assume you support.

  12. So you won't read Church teaching yet you race to condemn it? Based on what? What are YOU afraid of?

    There is no excuse for the way the Church covered up for the predominately (almost to the point of exclusivity) homosexual pedophilia of a small minority of priests. OH NO, I spoke the truth about the sexual orientation of the abusers! I suppose that makes me a homophobe! Oh, the shame. Those that committed crimes and those that covered it up should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No problems there.

    I understand that you would be upset about the Church's response to the problem. Of course, I suppose then that you'd harbor just as much hatred for school teachers since the level of sexual abuse cases may be even higher than that in the priesthood.

    >Why would I hate a Pope that was a) a Nazi and b) wrote an edict that declared if any of the victims ratted out the raping priests they would be excommunicated and then sent to Hell.<

    Show me your sources for these statements. I know that Benedict was conscripted into the Hitler youth but that doesn't mean he was a member of the Nazi Party. If you claim he was then you'll have to have proof.

    It's been kind'a quiet around here lately. Did you go on vacation?