Sunday, March 20, 2011


Wow! I'm humbled by the number of people looking at this blog at the moment. It seems they've been directed here from another blog named Lee I've never seen this many hits - ever!

It seems that Mr. Stranahan stumbled across this blog while looking for something related to my post regarding Minneapolis House File 171, the bill that has been reported by left wing websites across the web as making it illegal for the poor in Minnesota to have more than $20 in cash in their pocket at any one time. He says that mine was the only site that bothered to track down the law and look into the truth. Based on my searching on Friday I'd have to agree with him.

He noted on his site that I would probably be considered "The sort of fellow that liberals would call a right wing nutjob, if they were being kind." I suspect he's right.

That being said I noticed something on his site, something missing from far too many sites, both right and left; a respect for the truth.

That's all that any of us can ask. Look, we can disagree on damned near any issue. But, if the truth isn't at the root of our disagreement then all we are arguing about is meaningless. We're facing a truly unique time in human history, a time when everything we've known is about to change. If we don't stick with the truth, if we don't insist on the facts, how can we ever arrive at an answer? Right, left, middle, who cares? We're all people and we all have a stake in the future. We must have the facts presented to us so we can make a decision.

We've been put at each others throats as a distraction. We watch the right hand while the left moves the ball. We need to get past our petty differences and have honest conversations about the problems we all face, not as Republicans, Democrats, Marxists or Capitalists but as people, focused on the truth and nothing else.

We're being played by both sides. Pray for wisdom.


  1. "But, if the truth isn't at the root of our disagreement then all we are arguing about is meaningless."

    Truth isn't a something. It is a Somebody - Jessu Christ, Truth incarnate.

  2. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

    You're 100% right my friend. Call it what you will, all that matters is that we focus on the truth. Once we can agree on the truth then we can worry about the way, and the life. But the truth is the starting point.