Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The Daily is reporting that the TSA is going to begin testing a DNA scanner at airports that can, with a simple saliva swab and in about an hour's time, do a complete genetic workup and then supply an intelligence report about you based on your genetic information stored in a government database. Couple this with the now routine practice of DNA harvesting from every newborn in the country and you'll start to get a picture of the brave new world of controls envisioned by our political leaders and those that control them.

Years ago, when the Reagan administration started the drug testing charade I remember talking to my grandma, sitting at my dad's bar, her with a martini and me drinking a beer. She told me that she thought it was a good idea that people were tested for drugs because drugs were bad and testing would keep the workplace safe. I told her that this may be true or it may just be her opinion but the fact is that by allowing ourselves to be tested for drug use by the government or employers we were opening a door best left shut. I suggested that while today they would test for drugs, tomorrow it would be gin, fat, cigarettes or anything else that the people in power deemed unfit for our consumption. She laughed and said I was extreme, that these things would never happen.

30 some odd years later we have governments that regulate the food we eat, the fat we eat and that have passed laws that will not allow a private business to choose whether to let their customers smoke on the property. We aren't allowed to say certain things because they are deemed politically incorrect (uncorrect, for you Haggard fans).

A year or so ago the government started installing naked body scanners at the airport. Most people said it's a good thing because it'll keep us safe, just like drug testing. I said that I wouldn't submit and I won't fly if I have to go through these scanners (not that I ever did anyway. I've only flown once in my 52 years. I'd rather drive). I thought that these scanners were less about security and more about conditioning the public for even more obnoxious violations of our human rights.

And now they want our DNA.

The only question that I have left is how will they get mine? Since I don't fly they'll have to do something else. Force my doctor to supply it? That would be my guess. But if not that they'll find another way.

We've allowed the government to go places governments were never intended to go but like good little sheepy children we'll do as we're told, as long as the government promises to keep us safe. I suppose you could say we get what we deserve but I think that overstates the case. We don't deserve this but we're too lazy and stupid, for the most part, to see it coming. And that's probably due more to our conditioning through our education system than anything else. I hate conspiracies but no matter how I try to get around it, it seems conspiracy is always lurking right around the corner.

So, do we submit...or do we fight?


  1. I had my DNA tested for geneological research purposes a decade ago. What I had done is for my own use. What will the government use it for? ID? Yes. Genetic experimentation? You betcha! Racial profiling for the manipulation of the population? Yah sure! Need I say more?

  2. I don't think anything you said is extreme at all.
    Yes,fight! Even if we are in the end times,or the beginning of the end times, or the end of the middle times....we are called to stay awake, and speak the truth!