Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'd like to recommend that you go over to Lee Stranahan's site and read his article "Media Matter’s Deceptive Editing On Fox Story". Be sure to watch the videos, viewing the Media Matters video before Mr. Starnahan's breakdown of it.

It's important that all of us understand the ways we are getting jerked around by the powerful on both sides. The one thing we deserve, the one thing that we are absolutely owed, is the truth. What we do with it is up to us. However, without it we're like a blind person walking the edge of a cliff. We will eventually make a decision that will cause us great harm that we could avoid if we could only see and understand the situation we face.

I think that the level of emotion that I see on both sides of the debate is caused by this lack of basic, honest information. Most people sense that something is desperately wrong with our country and the world but they can't get their hands around it because they are never given the information, the truth, they need to come to grips with it.

We're being played with like puppets on a string. The truth is the knife we need to cut ourselves free. And the only way you'll find it anymore is by doing your own research and being honest about the information you read. Don't trust anything until you've verified it yourself. And don't just chase a link around from site to site. Find the ORIGINAL source material and read it yourself.

I've found that most of what you read, especially if it's all the rage and everyone is posting it, is suspect at best or an outright lie a good deal of the time.

We can no longer be passive consumers of information, at least not if we want our freedom.

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