Monday, March 21, 2011


There's no doubt that Casey did what he had to at the time to get out of the problem he faced. And I'm sure he earned a bit of respect for doing it from the guys that have been pushing him around. But, kids being what they are, Casey better learn something about fighting now. I hope his old man knows this and gets to work. This kid is a known push over that everybody is going to figure got lucky once. He's still got no real friends though I bet he gets some hangers on. But they won't back him when the next guy comes along and wants to fight. And you better believe that next guy's out there, just waiting.

Good job Casey, now you know you can do it. But man up because the bigger challenges are yet to come. And remember, even if you get your butt kicked you'll still earn respect and that's what matters. If the bullies know you'll fight back then sooner or later they'll find somebody else that won't. Bullies hate to get hurt.

Oh, and something my old man told me years ago; they never remember HOW you won the fight, just that you won it.

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