Friday, March 18, 2011


I don't know, and it really amazes me that I can say this, whether Obama is anything he claims to be. But then I don't know that I believe anything anymore when it comes to the world of politics, science or finance. Everything is slight of hand and mis-direction, lies and disinformation. And I know I'm not alone.

So the question is if this constant stream of crap that leaves us all feeling as though we've stepped through the looking glass is being intentionally generated to undermine the confidence of the people in the institutions they've come to rely on?

It seems to me that through most of recorded history man has looked outside himself and his institutions for support. We are religious beings. We've always, until the last couple hundred years or so, beginning with the Enlightenment (even the name of that one is a lie), looked to our God for answers in times of stress. Now we've reasoned God away, putting government, science and business in His place.

We've built our houses on the sand of human knowledge rather than the rock of God's wisdom and now the storms are beginning to wash us away.

We're dangerously close to a time that people will begin to look for answers to the hell we've created for ourselves. Since most have lost, because it's been purposely taken from them, the spiritual foundation that is necessary to turn back to God they will focus on the temporal world for a savior. And I'm sure one will rise from the smoke, the fire and the ashes to lead them.

Buckle up and pray, pray, pray!

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