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I've lifted this post in its entirety from Ioannes' blog Commentarius de Prognosticis. I've gone to the extreme of stealing an entire post because the words of Jim Mcrea that he quotes are really, really close to the words being heard by many of the mystics today. Is this the truth and will everything fall out as he says? I don't know - it's prophecy after all and prone to confusion. That being said, the scenario below is being heard by many around the world and has been for hundreds of years.

Comment by Jim McCrea on These Times


The following is Jim McCrea's comment on my post, Update.

Actually, the situation has been predicted in Catholic prophecy, by Church approved seers consisting of Venerables, Blesseds, and Saints through most of the history of the Church.

We are closing in on what is known as the Minor Tribulation.

The whole world will fall apart and God will purify the world through natural disasters and man-made events.

Terrible things will happen in the future - Italy and France will fall into civil war at the same time, as the forces of Godlessness try to exterminate all Christians. After that there will be a terrible invasion of Europe by the Muslims who will commit innumerable atrocities. We can see now how both the fiscal and social policies of Obama are leading to a conflagration in the Western world (including Canada, and Central and South America).

Then there will arise a great military leader who will completely defeat Islam, and that will be the end of that religion (it was a colossal monument to falsity). He will defeat the final enemy of the secular forces at the battle of Birch Tree country, then ascend the throne of France, dragging the flag of the French Revolution through the mud which was an impious experiment. He will be the Great Monarch who will rule the world for many years, bringing peace, justice, and prosperity, and most of the world will become Catholic as even Protestantism will disappear. That is the Era of Peace predicted at Fatima.

But as man cannot stand material prosperity for long without abandoning God, fervor will cool and there will be a great falling away, called the Great Apostasy in the Bible (2 Thessalonians 2).

Then from that loss of Faith, the final and most terrible evil will arise in the person of Antichrist who will exceed all other tyrants in history in malice. That will be the Major Tribulation. He will rule for 3 1/2 years as Enoch and Elijah will return to combat him. Enoch and Elijah will be killed by Antichrist and then rise 3 1/2 days later and ascend into heaven.

Antichrist trying to go after them, will rise by the power of the devil and as he is doing so will be killed by the Archangel Michael (according to St. Thomas Aquinas).

Shortly after that will be the End of the World and the General Judgment.

God is strengthening all faithful Christians now for the up-coming events. A time will come shortly where we will not have government institution or steady job to support us, but only radical trust in the providence of God.

Catholic prophesy is explained in the tome Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph by Desmond A. Birch published by Queenship Publishing who has researched this for many years to write his book.

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