Wednesday, February 2, 2011


From Mark Mallett's most recent post, Global Revolution!:

"WHEN I wrote about Revolution! two years ago, it was not a word being used much in the mainstream. But today, it is being spoken everywhere… and now, the words "global revolution" are rippling throughout the world. From the "Tea Party" revolution in the United States to the uprisings in the Middle East that are spreading like "a virus," there is indeed a global upheaval underway.

I will rouse Egypt against Egypt: brother will war against brother, neighbour against neighbour, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. (Isaiah 19:2)

But it is a Revolution that has been in the making for a very long time…"

It seems to me that we are in the beginning of the second act of a play that spans the globe. Violent revolution, which began in Europe and has now spread to North Africa and the Middle East, is the opening scene. I don't know what follows but I have my suspicions. Fuel prices will rise and food shortages will grow, increasing pressure on governments the world over and fanning the flames of further uprisings.

When will it reach our shores? It already has. But it's just a spark here and there, sparks waiting for a little wind to ignite into a full fledged maelstrom, burning down our government and our way of life, leaving open the door for a "savior".

We are, each and every one of us, graced or cursed to be living in these times. It's up to each of us to either rise to the occasion or to be reduced to ash. And it's only through prayer that we can find the strength to face the future.

I don't know whether the violence we see on the news will erupt into a full scale wildfire or if it will recede back to a smoldering ember waiting to ignite in the future. But I do believe we are witnessing the events foretold in the Bible. We're living in a singular time, never seen before and never to be seen again.

Watch for the signs along the way.


  1. Every time anything happens anywhere in the world you can always count on a theists to claim it as PROPHECY!

    Prophesies are no more real than the psychics you see on TV. Predicting war in the Middle East isn't all that impressive a trick.

    I predict next Sunday a football team will win the Superbowl would be the same sort of thing.

  2. Hey Salvage, thanks for reading and commenting.

    I agree. Predicting a war in the Middle East isn't exactly an amazing feet of prognostication. But then the article I linked to wasn't about predicting a war and neither is the comment that I made.

    What interests me more is the underlying cause, who or what is pulling the strings. As a Catholic (or theist, whatever works for you), I do see in the current state of affairs not only in the Middle East but all around the world the signs that we are told to watch for regarding the end times and I do see these signs as related to prophecy, but not prophecy themselves.

    Regardless of whether one is a believer or not I think that it makes sense to always watch the world around us and to try to understand what's going on in it. I do believe that all the riots, the economic collapse and the coming food and energy shortages are related and to an extent orchestrated. Conspiracy? Maybe. Or maybe just a convergence of interest, I don't know.

    So laugh if you want, my friend, but don't bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is just like usual, because it's not. We're about to enter into a period of history unlike any that have come before it.

    Get ready.

  3. Ah, you did post this comment! I'm sorry, I didn't think you did so I thought you were screening hence my snark from above. Again apologies.

    But it is "usual" the world has been in a constant state of conflict for as long as humans have been organized into anything larger than a trio.

    Agreed world watching is vital but we must only see what we can see not what we think we see. I find it difficult to understand why an omnipotent being would bother with opaque prophecy. Absolute power would operate on a far more simple platform; do or do not. These "Second coming" and "virgin birth" dramas would serve omnipotence in no way and in fact would cloud goals.

    I mean I assume your god wanted people to believe he had been here 2,000 years ago as Jesus yet all the "magic" elements of the story (such as prophecy) make that all but impossible to accept.

    Furthermore prophets are always shown to be hucksters in the end, how many times has the world supposed to have ended now? Even when the gospels were being written they were in "End times" as has each subsequent generation.