Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This video is from Glenn beck's news site The Blaze. The slowdown by the sanitation workers in New York was just the beginning of the strikes and social unrest that we'll be seeing this year. The left needs anarchy to force itself and its evil on the country. They need the people broken and battered so that a strongman can emerge; a savior, a messiah. This is what happened in Wiemar Germany and Hitler and his National Socialism rose to power. This is what happened in Russia and Lenin and his Marxist party seized control. And it will happen here. The only question is whether we'll stand for it.

All we have to do to defeat it is to stand tough and refuse to participate. If they start a riot, don't show up to join it or to try and stop it. If they don't clean the street, get out your shovels. Any hole they try to blow in society we can fill ourselves with our own strong backs and determination.

So get ready and pray, because we'll need divine intervention to win this one. We're facing the physical manifestation of the war that is underway in the spiritual world for control of the earth and the people that live here. We know how it turns out but we don't know how it gets to the end.

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