Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I turned on the TV this morning and was immediately informed that America is in mourning over the tragedy in Tucson. Really? Are average Americans, as they get up and make their coffee in the morning thinking much at all about the shooting of the Congresswoman and the others? Are they wearing black or attending memorial services? Outside of the media and Washington, does anybody really care all that much? I doubt it. Why should we?

"St. Louis police are investigating a multiple shooting in North St. Louis. It happened around 6:00 Saturday night on Highland Street. Three victims were shot while sitting in a car. Two victims are hospitalized in stable condition and one woman is in critical but stable condition."
Fox 2

"On Jan. 7, 2010, Timothy Hendron, 51, of Webster Groves, entered the transformers plant around 6:30 a.m. wielding an assault rifle and a handgun. Hendron shot eight people, killing three, before fatally shooting himself."
Biz Journals

"Police sources say a deadly shooting outside a midtown funeral home might have been the result of an argument between mourners. Two victims were dead, one was in critical condition and police say they were unable to locate a fourth person who witnesses said was shot in the leg."
Fox 2

I understand that we're talking about a congresswoman and a judge but besides that how does this shooting differ from those posted above? Did they get wall to wall coverage at the national level? Hell no! They didn't even get much coverage at the local level. Why do you think that is?

It's simple. With the shooting in Tucson comes the opportunity for political advantage and all the media plays along. The guy that did the shooting in Tucson is no more dangerous than the guys that did the shootings above. He may even be less so because he's crazy, at least that's the assumption. The guys doing the shootings in the city probably aren't. They're just evil and they're still out there someplace fixin' to kill somebody else.

So here's another opportunity for my wife to tell me I'm just an insensitive ***hole but I have to be honest. I just don't care that a bunch of people got shot in Tucson, government officials or not. At least I don't care about it anymore than I care about the people that got shot in North St. Louis. I'm certainly not in mourning for any of them.

And you know what? Truth be told, outside of family and friends of the victims and a few overly sensitive cry babies, neither is anybody else. For 99% of the people in this country, after learning of the shooting, their thoughts went something like this: "Damn, that's a shame. Sucks to be them. I wonder what's for supper?"

I'm tired of this overly emotional crap coverage of the news by all the major media outlets because it isn't sincere. It's being done to support an agenda. Whether it's anti-gun or pro ratings numbers the media does this because it's, at least in their minds, good theater.

The world's falling apart around us. The shooting may be a symptom of this but that's all. Cover it adequately and move on. I'd say with about the same amount of attention that was paid to all the other multiple victim shootings that have happened around the country in the last month. Until they do, I'm done listening.


  1. And why is it that the assassination of or the attempted assassination of a member of congress is a more serious offence than the murder of a regular old citizen? Are these elected civil servants more valuable, more productive or simply better Americans than the rest of us who pay their salaries, vote them into office and actually produce a saleable commodity?

  2. Tom, you are an insensitive ***hole. Very perceptive of you. Love you lots anyway- What's for dinner? Kathy