Monday, January 24, 2011


I checked our local paper, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, to see how this story was covered. To be honest, I live in Missouri and I'm a news junkie and I don't remember hearing a thing about this. So here is the full extent of the coverage from one of Missouri's top papers, and a major supporter of all political causes on the left, The St. Louis Post Dispatch:

"A 22-year-old Kansas City area man is charged with stabbing a community college dean in a building where Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was to hold a news conference.

Albert Dimmitt, dean of instruction at Penn Valley Community College, was slashed in the neck Tuesday morning. He was in stable condition following surgery. Later Tuesday, the Jackson County prosecutor charged Casey Brezik of Raytown with two counts each of first-degree assault and armed criminal action.

One of the charges alleges that Brezik also injured Mark James, chancellor of the Metropolitan Community Colleges system, as James came to Dimmitt's aid. Witnesses said a mumbling man entered the room where the news conference was to be held, bolted back out and stabbed Dimmitt in a hallway. Witnesses subdued the attacker, who police said was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Nixon's news conference at the college was canceled."

That's it! I searched the website of the Post using Casey Brezik's name and this one story is all that comes up. I have to think that if there were any other stories about this they would include the guy's name so the search engine should find them.

But no. An assassination attempt was made on our Governor and this is all we got. I went back to their site and searched for stories about the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona and got tired of counting all the links.

I don't know why the coverage is so massive on the shooting in Arizona and nearly nonexistent on the attempted assassination of our Governor. I can understand it at the national level but not the local. So, what's going on?

Was it because The Post and the papers in Kansas City are reliable supporters of the Democrat Party and all things to the left and the fact that the guy that tried to cut our Governors throat is an avowed anarchist and communist sympathizer that recently seems to have converted to Islam just a bit uncomfortable for them? You can read about all this

Something's fishy here but it'll blow over because outside of the blogosphere and Beck, this story won't get legs. It will continue to be suppressed. Because it doesn't fit the narrative the left is trying to build.


If you feel the need to support poor Casey, pop on over to the Anarchist News website to get his address at the jail so you can send him a postcard. And while you're there, marvel at the complete stupidity that abounds.

And we all know that it was the TEA Party that was behind the shooting in Arizona because the media, the same group that won't even talk about this loon because it hits too close to their homes, says so. Whatever!

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