Wednesday, January 26, 2011


People are shot dead every single day yet this is the first time I've seen a statement like this at Business Insider. Is it terrifying because they just saw the writing on the wall? For a variety of reasons I expect to see bankers and traders become some of the first targets of those that are actively trying to destroy our world. They make for easy scapegoats when the goal is to get people all wound up and focused on the ones that caused this, whether that's true or not.

Buckle up and pray. By the way, I doubt that any of the big boys in the banking and finance industry will get caught up in this. I'm sure they've got their way out all set up. Let the lower level guys take the hit. Why do I say that? Because that's essentially what they've done to the American people with the bailouts. They take the profits, we pay for the losses.

How hard do you think it'll be to make them targets?

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