Thursday, January 6, 2011


“Tell me again, Mama.” she said snuggling down into the old quilts her great grandma had made so many years ago. “What it was like when you were a little girl? I want to hear it again” she pleaded.

“I only remember a little bit of it, darling, I was a little girl just like you when everything changed but I recall it being wonderful, at least for awhile. We lived in a little apartment, barely big enough for two small bedrooms and a place for the sofa but it was ours and we loved it. I had my own room where I kept books, toys and all the dolls that I would dress in pretty clothes. We were never cold. It had a heater that we could set to whatever temperature we wanted, as hot as we could stand, all without having to put wood in the fireplace. And lights, we had them too, all the time- even after the sun went down. All we had to do was flip a switch on the wall and it was just like daylight. Sometimes we kept them on all night long and they never ran out.” she explained...

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  1. I liked your wife's post. One of the things I don't like about our civilization is you have to drive so far away to shop for anything. You don't have stores nearby because big box stores like Walmart wiped out the stores in the small towns. And those dang stores are so big! It's an ordeal to go shopping in them because of all the walking you have to do to get anything. Yeah, lets get small!