Friday, December 17, 2010


"The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Irish abortion laws violated the rights of one of three women who sought terminations in Britain.

The woman, who was in remission for a rare form of cancer, feared it might return as a result of her pregnancy.

While abortion in the Republic is technically allowed if a woman's life is at risk, the court said that was not made possible for the woman involved.

But it ruled two other women in the case had not had their rights breached.

The court said the Irish government had failed to properly implement the constitutional right to abortion if a woman's life was in danger.

Correspondents say the ruling is likely to force the Dublin government to introduce new legislation or bring in new guidelines.

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said politicians now needed to consider the implications of the ruling.

"It's an issue for the whole political spectrum to consider," he said."

I'm not even going to go into the abortion thing. I just want to ask a simple question; is Ireland a sovereign country any longer? I say the answer is no.

This is what happens when an economy is manipulated into collapse for political purposes. And this is what is happening to America now.

Again, I suggest that we have two possible courses of action, both depending on the obvious conclusion that our economic system is going to collapse. 1) We continue to look to China and others to finance our debt until we reach a point, probably sooner rather than later, when China and our other creditors demand payment we can't make and we are forced to default on their terms, effectively destroying our government and our Constitution, making us slaves to our enemies. 2) We default on our own terms, admitting that we have overreached both economically and politically. We withdraw back within our borders as quickly as possible, reduce our standard of living to the level that we can support with our own resources, pay back what we can and tell the rest sorry, retain our government, albeit in a much, much smaller form, retain our Constitution and most importantly our freedom.

Both choices are going to be incredibly painful and difficult and will require real toughness from the American people. Only one leaves us free.

I'd rather be destitute and free than comfortable and a slave any day.

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