Monday, December 13, 2010


"Gov.-elect Nikki Haley challenged President Obama over his landmark health insurance law Thursday in a candid, personal exchange in front of Cabinet members and newly elected governors from across the country but away from reporters.

In an exchange recounted by Haley and confirmed by White House aides, Obama rejected Haley's request to repeal the health care bill - but said he'd consider letting states opt out of its mandates if they ran exchange programs, banned insurance firms from denying coverage of pre-existing conditions and enabled people to pool together for better rates."
The Sun News

Who says we don't live in a monarchy?

The laws only apply as the King sees fit. And the Presidency has become, and not just under Obama, much closer to a seat of royal power than an elected position of representative service.

If you're big enough, powerful enough or can donate enough money then the laws that apply to the people
don't have to apply to you. And now it looks as though, if one is willing to make a deal, then even the states can function under these special laws. Only the common citizen will have to obey the laws as passed by the legislature, the way the Constitution requires. Of course, that's assuming the legislature even had anything to do with it.

The King has spoken! Regulations and rules are fast replacing laws. The President appoints someone to a position of power, such as FCC commissioner or head of Homeland Security and just like that the internet is regulated and a strangers hands are in our pants. And not once was the Congress consulted or asked to pass a single law. Not one regulator faces election or falls under any sort of public threat of removal from their job through election.

Even the Queen of England can't do what our President can. Jefferson and Madison are rolling in their graves.

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